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Week 3 run 2

Completed week 3 run 2 to this morning and have to be honest that I founder it tougher than run 1. I am putting this down to the fact that even at 6am, it is still pretty warm outside and there was very little air around - even here in the UK.

What did occur to me however was the fact that because I am setting off so early in the morning, I never have anything to eat beforehand. I literally get out of bed, have a glass of water, put on my dodgy running outfit and off I go.

I was wondering if I should fuel up before I go but would that mean eating at 5am to get any benefit?

Or are there any foods that could give me benefit almost immediately?

PS - Still enjoying the programme but that was hard this morning!

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Run 2 of each week often seemed the toughest to me, probably because (for many weeks) you have already done it and expect it to be easier, but then by the third run it gets easier again.

I always have half a banana before a 5k run and lash out on a whole banana for a 10k. I eat this immediately before I head out of the door, along with the all important water. I don't like the feeling of having eaten a lot before a run. On parkrun days, when running does not start until 9am, I have a bowl of fruit and muesli about an hour and a half beforehand and that fuels me well. Experiment and see, we are all different.

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Thanks for the advice - I will go for the banana option and see where it gets me.


I would say 'bananas!' too!

Funny, I read 'dodgy' as 'doggy'! I thought it probably couldn't be helping to be going out in a costume, especially when it's warm and you're in training! Lol


Ha ha, I can just picture him running in the searing heat in his Pluto outfit!

Poor Herbie!

I reckon half a banana or handful of grapes. You will have to learn what suits you. I always run after a meal, about an hour or two afterwards. I have run quite soon after a meal but it is a terrible idea and you suffer hellish indigestion. I can see that you don't have time to wait as you are running so early in the morning. Just experiment and you'll find a happy medium

Good luck


Thanks for the advice - going to give the banana option a go and give the 'doggy' costume the old heave ho...


Yeah, the whole doggy outfit thing wasn't working out so I changed it to a zebra and that was worse! Going to try the banana option (food not costume) and see where it gets me.


Oh dear, did it again.....saw you in a banana outfit!!


Half a banana may help Herb, but personally I prefer to run on empty other than a glass of water before going out. Probably just this sticky weather that saps your energy. Good luck with the next run!


Thanks very much!


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