Week 5, run 3 fail at Race for Life 🙁

I've been doing the c25k every other day for the past few weeks and I've found each run hard but achievable. The feared 20 min run was to coincide with my Race for Life (3k) but it all went wrong.

I think I set off a bit fast and after a few minutes my throat was burning and after about 10 mins I had to walk. This was so disappointing as my heavy smoking, non training colleagues flew past me with ease.

I had been looking forward to it for ages and I thought I'd put in all the training but I feel so disappointed with myself and it has put a bit of a negative edge onto what was actually I lovely day - so well organised etc.

24 hours on my chest still feels a bit tight, like the end of a chest infection, even though I'm not I'll. It is a lot better than yesterday. Hopefully I'll be ok to re-attempt it tomorrow on my usual turf. I'd even registered for park run ready for graduation but now that seems so unlikely.

On a positive my feet and legs were fine, maybe because it was less distance than I'm used to.

My OH doesn't understand why I'm upset, so I hope you don't mind me turning to the forum for a bit of morale support.


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17 Replies

  • Not quite sure what to say as I have this run to do later.....and am battling with the gremlins. It's important to put it I to perspective it's one run of the last 14 and the amazing thing is that you get to do it again and again and again until it's done. I m already planning when I will do mine again!

  • Hi there,

    I think you should be proud for doing the program and proud for doing the race for life.

    There is no such thing as a fail or a bad run because if you are out there moving and trying--you are doing something really good for your health and well-being. Also taking part in the race for life no matter whether you walk or run it is a good thing.

    Bad running days are something that happen to every runner---some days the body just won't work how you want it to. They happen to me. Don't feel bad--its just part of the process---I expect you will find that the following runs will go more smoothly.

    Next time you do a race you will have something to compare it to and you will realise how much you have improved.

    Well done and keep going :)

  • As you say, you probably set off a bit fast, and being overtaken by people you know may have knocked your confidence, and half of running seems to be about mental confidence. Also maybe you had a bit of a chest bug and didn't know it? Anyway it is not a fail, and I am sure you will do it next time. Be kind to yourself, please.

  • I could be wrong, but I reckon the reason you had to have walk breaks is because you went with the crowd and started out too fast. It's so easy to get carried along in the enthusiasm of the moment and run too fast too early in a race. It's always better to let the speedy people pass you at the start if they want to, and then for you spend the rest of the race reeling them in as they start to flag and you keep on running - think tortoise and hare!

    W5r3 is a biggie psychologically and I'm not sure I'd have wanted to tackle it in company. I reckon you'll be fine once your back on familiar territory. Very best of luck. Remember if you've done all the other runs in the programme then you're definitely ready physically,not just have to let yourself believe it. 😀

  • Ancient mum is spot on. Don't let this knock your confidence. Next year you'll be doing RFL as an experienced runner ☺

  • I agree with AncientMum It was the conditions you ran under. Run it alone without the distraction of a lot of other people at a time when you feel reasonably fresh and you will complete it. That wasn't w5r3 that was the Run for Life. The next run is w5r3.

  • Don't let it get you down. Many of us have had to repeat runs or weeks, 'cos it doesn't always come together on the day, just like in any other aspect of life. You may be right about the speed though. My W5R3 must have looked positively slo-mo and my other half , on the few occasions he's run with me, says he ends up bounding high in the air with every step just to slow himself down to my pace! Give your body time to recover and then head out again on your own and keep it really slow. And don't worry if you need another go. We'll be cheering you on! That's what this forum is for - and it works. Will look forward to your post when you nail W5R3!

  • Hold on there Treacle! We all have bad runs, it's the way of things. Yours just happened to be one that was significant to you. You will feel upset for a while but by the time you graduate it will just be a tale you tell about your journey. Keep getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there. If you weren't determined and committed you wouldn't be upset now. Keep going, you'll be fine 👍

  • Thanks everyone, I feel better now about putting it into perspective. I'll make sure I post when I do achieve it. Apart from that, it really was a great day. My colleagues and I throughly enjoyed ourselves with the entertainment and catering that was provided.

  • I agree with AncientMum , maybe a tad too fast, too soon :)

    Was it warm too? The air quality at the moment is poor. with all the pollen and spores... one or two posts on here about that.. quite tricky to get the breathing sorted; even this morning before 7.30, the air was really laden with the stuff! :)

    Just carry on, slow and steady and put this one down to an experience.. we have all had them :)

    And.. your legs were just fine... :) Go legs!

  • Hey - don't worry about it. At events it's always very easy to go off too fast, it's a whole other thing to learn to pace yourself with the excitement and other people. The important thing is that you got out there and gave it a go and hopefully had a little fun. Walking is no big deal in a race, many of us have walk breaks.

    also, that's the first run I tripped up on and had to repeat. I think we build it up too much in our heads that it's a big deal. Just slow right down next time and keep your chin up. You've got this. You know you do. You've done all the hard work in the runs before this, you just have to believe it.

  • DONE IT!!!

  • Hooray!!!!

  • Well done

  • Excellent ! Well done ! Why not put this up on another post so we can all celebrate your success ?

    You can then consign this one to the " File it away and Forget about it File " :-) xxx

  • As the late great Winston Churchill said, "Keep b*****ring on!"

    I know what it's like to have a disappointing run - I had one myself earlier today - but at least you *did* run.

    It sounds as if you may have been a bit fast there - next time start off a bit more slowly than you think you can manage, settle into your pace, and it should all flow from there.

    And keep looking forward to that parkrun. The people at parkruns seem to be really nice, and they accept all sorts there. By the time you reach graduation you should be well able to cope with it!

  • Most of us find that, when running in a crowd, we tend to run faster, often much faster, than we do on our own.

    It sounds like that is what happened to you today and, if so, it is completely understandable that you ran out of gas quite quickly.

    I am betting you will be just fine on your next attempt. Just keep it slow and steady.

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