Week 5, run 3 success after Race for Life fail πŸ˜ƒ

It's been suggested that I write a follow up post after my last one about my race for life. Yesterday I woke up & my chest felt clear so I thought I'd just do it. Exactly one month since I started the programme.

Back to my usual route of through the village & out onto the A120 - traffic fumes must suit me! I also brought Laura back after having my own music at the race for life.

It went brilliantly & I only stopped to open the park gate & turn round to head home. I actually went 21/22 minutes as I was on a downhill so I didn't want to stop until I reached the bottom.

Other changes to the race for life were running at 8am in the relative cool as apposed to 1pm boiling sun. I celebrated by going to sports direct & buying running socks & a mini bum bag (colleague had one at race for life & it looked very snazzy).

If I mention park run before I graduate you have my permission to virtually give me a dig in the ribs.

Week 6, run 1 tomorrow.


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  • Well done. Nothing quite like giving those gremlins a kick in the teeth.

  • Well done...it is the law..every bad run shall be followed by a good runπŸ˜€. You're right about the heat though - it makes a big difference.

  • Ah fab ! Well done Treacle Toes , Yeah ! :-)

    The weather can make such a difference cant it ?

    Fab stuff, you have completed Week 5 Run 3 and all's well ! :-) Hey , why don't you do a Park Run for your Graduation Run ? I know a few people on here that have done that.

    Onwards to Week 6, Go you ! :-D xxx

  • Got to take the rough with the smooth! I did my first Parkrun on w6, wife just done her first one w8..😊

  • Glad to hear you're back on track TreacleToes , and that you've got more kit :)

  • After the race for life, I've definitely decided not to do a park run until after graduation, however I do want to do them eventually. I have a few nearby to choose from which is good.

  • That's my strategy too. C25K has been so good for me, I want to see it through without jumping the gun.

    I know lots of people start ParkRuns "early", but I know I'd just start obsessing about stats, and trying to outrun people (as if...) :)

  • I really think the weather will have knocked it out of you at Race for Life.

    Glad you had a good run this time xx

  • So glad you did it!!

  • There you go TT, we told you you'd do it. :) Congratulations and it is the perfect time to get yourself some new kit. Well done!

  • Well done! Bring on week 6!

  • Did someone use the F word again πŸ˜‰it is forever removed from our dictionary 😊

    Well done on completing the run, it is a huge step along the way 😊

  • Glad you finished wk 5 on a high. I've just mentioned Parkrun on another thread, this is strictly after graduation!

  • Absolutely briliant!

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