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Week 5, Run 3 Twice!

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So was dreading w5 run 3, like most at this stage the leap from 8 minutes to 20 seems inconceivable!!

Nevertheless, I thought just go for it and see what happens. Well the first 10 minutes felt like hell, I'm not going to the lie but I perservered. The second 10 was more comfortable but seemed to go on for an eternity and Mr Smooth was nowhere to be seen / heard.

Eventually I stopped feeling that I'd gone well beyond the 20 minutes and realised the app had stopped at 12 minutes and I'd actually run 25 minutes. Wow!!

As the run didn't register, I went a bit bonkers and did the full 20 minutes again. So I ran 45 minutes in total. Now my rational brain says this really isn't the way to do it. I've followed the programme to the letter up to now but that second 20 minute run was the best I've felt physically and mentally for ages.

I'm sure I'll pay for my over exertion, definitely taking two rest days but for now I'm feeling amazed about how far I've come. I could barely breath on week 1 (years of smoking) and now feeling I'm on my way to being a bonafide runner.

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Well done - but as "OldFloss" would tell you - take it easy - would suggest you take at least two days off to allow your body to recover, so that you can tackle the next run. But well done for getting this far and onwards to the next challenge

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MskenGraduate in reply to RunForestR

Thank you and I know I got bit carried away in the moment, certainly not endorsing this as a sensible approach!!!

I will be resting up and following the remainder of the programme religously, enjoying it too much now to risk burning myself out or causing injury ☺

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RunForestRGraduate in reply to Msken

Good for you - but nice to know you've got it in your legs as you go through the rest of the programme - but also don't get disheartened if one of your upcoming runs makes you struggle - it happens to all of us.

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Well done. Amazing feeling when you're in the zone isn't it? You ran because it felt good. You were in the moment and didn't want to stop. I totally get that.

That's what the longer runs do. They are so much more rewarding than the stop/ start ones.

For anyone dreading the first long run, your post shows how good it can feel, and whilst none of us (including yourself) are advocating to run longer than the programme requires, your experience goes a long way to dispel the myth that the longer runs are unobtainable for beginners.

Enjoy your rest days.

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It takes most people about ten minutes just to warm up, for breathing to settle and for the oxygen demand of you muscles to be met, from there on in running tends to become much easier. You have now reached the point where you begin to have more "easy" running than toxic ten warmup in each run..............all that hard work begins to pay off.

Well done, but keep that extra enthusiasm under control. You are still a very, very new runner and injury would be dispiriting at this stage.


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Well done Msken uve given me hope 😃😉🖒

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Thanks all for your very wise and genuinely inspiring words.

I feel an amazing sense of achievement but I also know I need to be careful and not get ahead of myself, I'm still very new to this!

No doubt week 6 and beyond will present new and exciting challenges. Slow and steady is my mantra!

But for those dreading the longer runs, don't, that's where the fun begins!

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Msken

Just show respect for W6R1. On paper.....a doddle......in practice, a bit different.

Brilliant! I can't wait to get to that stage

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