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Week 5's 20 minute run


I went into it fully prepared with all the advice from this group (thank you!) about it being more of a mental race than physical so I managed to cope quite well with it mentally. Physically, I felt I was really pushing myself as one of my thighs complained for most of the run and my left hip got a bit vocal in protest in the last couple of minutes (and still isn't happy), I am so glad tomorrow is a rest day!

I worked out my pace when I got home which was a little disheartening as I only managed a 12 min mile which would put me at 37 min for completing 5k and I hoped I'd be a bit quicker by now. I'm planning on 4 runs next week so I'm thinking I'll do week 6 run 2 twice and concentrate on speed rather than just not stopping.

I'm having fun making a soundtrack for the 25 minute run too, I'll miss the updates on how long I've run for but I think I'll run better with my own music to motivate me.

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Well done x


Well done! It's great to hear other people coming along and doing that run - quite an event!


Well done to you - got 'THAT' run looming on Wednesday - v. scared!


That run is looming tomorrow! I didn't find eight minutes too bad, but 20 is scary!


Well done for running none stop for 20 minutes, what an achievement :D If I could give any advice it would be to stop worrying about speed, you'll have plenty of time from weeks 10 onwards to work on that.

Why not have an extra rest day to let your hip recover well, ready for w6r3 and then onwards in week 7,8,9.

Take care and look after yourself


Well done, I did mine on Sunday and felt so good I couldn't stop talking about it, my friends must be fedup me ;)


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