Couch to 5K

Week 5 run 3, at last!

Well it's been a while since I've been here, I have many excuses, being on holiday, being a busy bee and almost dying of running in the lovely weather fails! So, here I am having just completed week 5, and feeling fab!

Week 5 run 1 I did a couple of times, once before going away on holiday but didn't writes blog post because I was instead busily packing for a trip to New York (it didn't take much deciding which was most important). I then did it again when I returned and brought the gorgeous weather with me, I re did it as I'd had a week off and put half a stone on by eating until I burst with US portions! Due to the heat (20+ degrees at 9.30 am) I just couldn't manage to finish properly, I managed the first 2 runs and only half of the last, not really gutted as I'd definitely underestimated the heat!

After my failure I felt a bit dejected as I knew with the continuing weather I wouldn't be able to continue, and then I had an idea..... I joined the gym!

I did week 5 run 2 on Thursday deciding although I'd had a break not to re repeat run 1 simply because I find treadmill running quite a lot easier even on an incline of 2. This morning I did run 3 and even if I do say so myself I did brilliantly! I ran my 20 mins without a break, then after 2 mins of my cool down walk I realised I was fully recovered so upped the speed to see what I could cope with, and did a faster 5 min run on the end, then the usual 5 min cool down.

Although treadmill running has given me the opportunity to continue with the plan, I don't intend to give up on out door running, but I will complete the plan indoors as its soooooo much more encouraging!

I'm ok at this, and very proud of myself I am!

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Well done :)


Thank you!


Well done!!

I also did W5R3 this am. I actually repeated week 5 as i did not feel that I nailed it last week. Had a fab run today! My advice to all out there would's all in the mind but if you think that you may need to repeat a run or week, it's worth it and no shame. I am all fired up for week 6 now!

I will be thinking of you when I do my run on Monday :-)


Isn't it brilliant to feel proud of yourself after an initial not quite happy with it, I'm glad I'm not on my own at giving it more than one go! Good luck for Monday :)


I'm in the same boat too. Finished week 5 yesterday morning at 5.30am. Had to do it that early as I'd never have felt like it after my 9 hour shift. Found the last 5 mins a bit hard but, as always, once I heard Laura's encouraging words I was able to keep going. I'm starting week 6 tomorrow morning (not 5am though!)

Going on a cruise next week to Norway. Have already checked out if i can keep up my running. YIPPEE! They have a running track!

Well done to you both.


5.30am running! You're more determined than me!!! Well done on keeping going for that last 5 mins, it was a brilliant feeling getting that scary long one finished, such a sense of achievement, good luck with week 6 and I hope holidaying allows you the time to fit it in! :)


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