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Hello! I haven't posted for a while, but just thought I'd do an update as I did the Race for Life yesterday. I graduated in Feb/March time and then had some time off with injury and despite running regularly again I have never quite got back to 5k. I thought the Race for Life might make me do it and then I'd be back in my stride but that didn't quite happen. I put myself with the joggers, but most of the people in front of me were walking, so it was impossible to run at all to start with. Then there was the most enormous hill, so I walked that too, along with everyone else! After that, I was determined to make up for it and did the rest of the course faster than I have ever run with the final three kilometres at 6 m/km and then 5.5 m/km for the final k. Too fast for me, as I felt utterly terrible at the end and rushed past the policemen handing out medals and drinks without even realising what they were!! So, it didn't quite go according to plan, and I still haven't run 5k, but I'm going to bite the bullet and just get back to the parkrun next weekend and stop thinking that I can't do it any more. I'll report back after that, because I know if I've said I'll do that I'm more likely to go! Hope all is well with the rest of you x


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22 Replies

  • take care.. and good luck

  • Of course you can do it. You just have to believe it. If you run 3 times a week, week in week out then you'll get strong enough. There's no rush though is there. No mad imperative. Just don't worry about it and then it might come when you least expect it

    Deffo do the Parkruns as they will help you. Have you tried running faster 1 k's. You run 1k quick as you can then jog for 1k then run another fast 1k. That's it.

    Glad to hear you're still running!

  • Thanks. No, you're right, no rush I guess. Have just been on a bit of a downer I think and I know the running will make me feel better if I just stick with it. It certainly worked last time, so just a bit of a long blip!

  • I don't know where you are, but if you're running in the heat like most of us that will have affected your performance too, don't forget that! It sounds to me as if you're doing fine, just keep plodding along and you'll get there. Did you go back and get your medal?

  • Yes, hot! South coast, and I'm terrible in the heat, although yesterday was cooler. And no, I didn't go back for the medal!

  • I hope you went back and got your medal too! Congrats on those excellent laptimes at the end, even if they really did you in... Doesn't sound like you can't run 5k, more like that wasn't the right place for you to do it. Sounds like you need that parkrun to prove that you can actually do 5k fine, and then carry on as you were, avoiding any further injury while improving pace/distance or simply keeping going as you are. Let us know how the parkrun goes? :)

  • Thank you! Yes, just want to prove it to myself I think, so next Saturday it is. Our parkrun course is beautifully flat too, so it's a good place to do the test run. Hope you had fun in Glastonbury!

  • Flat is def good, esp if building confidence is the goal! I think in future translate 'joggers' to 'walkers' when asked what group you want to join? You're def a runner!

    Glastonbury was excellent. Muddy and burning hot in equal measures. Lots of hill walking getting to and from the campervan each day and had the most excellent Thai massage in the healing fields. But for the most part I watched bands and drank loads of cider of course! Very lucky to have a boyfriend who goes every year, feel really spoilt. Slowly adapting back to my normal life again :)

  • Sounds perfect. I watched a lot of it on TV and was thinking I wouldn't mind another trip there sometime. Glad you enjoyed it :)

    And yes, I should have gone with the runners, but I still have that thing of, 'All of those people are runners, but of course I'm not! I'm just pretending!'

  • Anyone who can do 5.5min/k laps is definitely a runner not a jogger! :) You should def go to Glastonbury. It's just so difficult to get the tickets. My bf's an engineer and has loads of strategies to get through the website queues during the 20 minutes or whatever tiny amount of time it is that they're on sale. I've tried to get a ticket in the past and never managed!

  • Blimey GLudwig, those lap times are proper fast!! Well done for even getting close to them. I reckon, if you took the energy you put into those 3k and spread it out over 5k, you'd still come in in a very respectable time. It's all a matter of having the confidence and self-belief to do it. Why not set yourself the target of a slow 5k -and I mean really slow. Map out your route beforehand with Mapometer so you know exactly where you're going, and then just run, maybe listening to an audiobook or talk radio, so you're not thinking about distance all the time.

    Good luck m'dear, you most definitely can do it! :)

  • I just did it! Thanks, AM. It was that boost of 'I can do it' that was needed :)

  • Yay! I'm nearly back up to 5k too, just a couple of weeks I think. Hope you can keep running okay from now on :)

  • Hi Gludwig, good to hear from you. I had to rest my hip completely for a coupé of weeks. Its now properly healed. Ive got myślec a coupé of running partners, we don't stick to the ryłeś completely. I trzy to do one 5k a week but no big challenge as knowing that im running 2/3 times a week is good enough.

  • Hi Ania, that's great! Must be nice to have a little running group, although I still don't think I could talk and run. Sounds like you're doing brilliantly.

  • Hi Gludwig. Great to hear from you - welcome back :)

    Take it steady and try and find the enjoyment in running again. Most importantly, you don't want to end up injured again!!!! Have a read back through your old posts. You have done it before and you can do it again. Good luck

  • Hi, and thanks! I did just go out and run 5k and I'm ridiculously pleased. I'm going to try and stick around this forum again. I'd forgotten how much of a boost it gives you.

  • Yay! Well done. Now you need to find the love again :) :) :)

    You've made a very good start to that next stage of the journey!

  • Hey Gludwig, glad to hear you did your 5k - back in the saddle!

  • Thanks :)

  • Welcome Home Glud !

    Good to see you back, dont be a stranger !

    Keep at it and you will reap the benefits and the love will come back .

    Yeah Baby ! :-D xxx

  • Nice to see you posting Gludwig. Tough conditions with heat and mixed ability people all around you, doing what you can when you can always seems to me to be a good approach.

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