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Week 5 Run 3 and not just running for running's sake.

This is my first blog post (although I've commented and asked a question previously) but I thought a blog post was deserved not only because I completed the dreaded 20 mins of Week 5 Run 3 this morning but because for the first time I actually used running as a method of transport!

I'd left my car in the next town over on Saturday night when I had a few drinks, I do this on a fairly regular basis and the fuss of getting a lift or catching the bus the morning after is usually a mildly annoying dilemma. But today I realised that it was approximately twice as far away from my house as my normal turn-around point, therefore, all I needed to do was bring my car key and continue running until I got to my car. This only occurred to me when my Dad called me this morning and asked if I needed a lift to fetch it, I'd not mentioned I'd taken up running to him yet so his reaction to "I'm going to run and get it" was understandably "I've not forgotten what day it is, Happy April Fool to you too. Now do you want a lift or not?".

Anyway, I did it, the terrain was a bit different (hills I'd never noticed) and there was more traffic but other than that the plan worked out fine (the car was actually a little too close and I had to walk past it during the warm down).

I know this sounds obviously but it's a revelation to me - I've taken up running to get fit (and hopefully lose a bit of weight) but the idea that I can actually use it to get places (in a reasonable time) is an epiphany. Admittedly, I'd get to those places in leggings and a hi-vis and with a beetroot face but hey! All those years I've looked derisively at joggers and thought "What exactly is the point? You're not going anywhere", but perhaps they were going somewhere all along (or training themselves up so they could go somewhere when they needed to). Seriously, I feel like Pheidippides (minus the dying part) - anyone need a message delivering?

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Well done! And I like your philosophy!


Your Dad's reaction had me laughing out loud :D

Well done on doing the dreaded one and so productively too!


It's great when you realise the benefits of getting places faster, it's handy! :-)


Great blog! And I so sympathise with your dad (having three daughters of my own).


Hahaha love your dads reply. :-) Well done on completing the 20 minute run. I used to look at joggers and they all looked like they were in pain (hahaha) I used to say when I see one smiling I might start. I wonder if I look like I'm in pain (hahaha)


Brilliant!! What a great blog.

I have a similar situation in as much as my brother is in a care home about 3 miles from where I live and it is my intention, once I'm back to full fitness, to run down to see him rather than drive. Mind you, then I have to get home.....!! (And I don't have a lovely Dad to call'll be Shank's Pony for me!)


So glad you decided to blog about this Trish, loved reading it and your dad's reaction was so funny! :) What a great way to make you run for 20 mins, brilliant! Then to have to walk past the car because it was too close... hilarious! You know what to do now for your next long runs, park further away! ;) Happy running!



Really lovely story. :) I bet your dad's proud of you.


What they all said! ;) Funny isn't it how roads that you previously thought flat always turn out to be uphill when you try running them!


Haha - thanks very much everybody :) I was really chuffed to see all the comments - I hadn't really expected a response.

That's one of the more normal things my Dad has said recently! He's 82, I was born after he took (early) retirement so there is a large age and huge socio-cultural difference between us, sometimes I think I should keep the opposite of an "out of the mouths of babes" log as he doesn't half crack me up with the things he says.

Great to see so many of you with graduate badges too :) I love that you're still here, cheering the rest of us on, I do feel like that badge is in sight now! I've just ordered some high end trainers too now that I've proved to myself it's not just another fad. N.B. just in case anyone else is thinking about making a purchase, Amazon have 20% off clothing until Monday with the code SPRING20 and their prices were already about the same as I could find elsewhere. Decent trainers really aren't cheap!

Thanks again :)


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