Week 7 run 3

Ugh. Didn't enjoy that much. I wasn't really in a good mood for it, which didn't help, but it just seemed to go on for ever. I did finish it though, and even managed to try to go a bit faster/bit less slow for the last minute (don't know whether I succeeded though, as the garmin battery had run down - maybe best not to know!)

Now I have week 8 to look forward to - halfway will be at 14 minutes... oooooo. We shall see!

I'm beginning to think that maybe for my Race for Life training (5k in June - so ages away), I'll put in some walk intervals, to make it a bit less relentless, as at my current pace I'd need to keep going for about an hour, which is a very long time indeed. But I need to get through week 8 first! Knowing that others have done it before really does help. :)


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20 Replies

  • Well done for going out and running, you're entitled to have an off day after running for 7 weeks (at the very least). Take an indulgent rest day and get ready for Week 8 Run 1 and I'm sure you'll feel better soon!

  • Thank you, Beth. I'm feeling much better after a shower and a good feed! It seems there were quite a few tough runs today - maybe the dreary weather had something to do with it!

  • I see where your comment on my blog came from now Greeners, well done to you too for keeping going.

  • Sorry if my comment didn't quite make sense out of context!

    We *will* get there!

  • I've just looked up some other week 7 blogs, and was quite encouraged that lots of people seem to find it quite tough - this one from jemimatoo I particularly liked:

    "I finished wk 8 today and I am relieved to report I found it much easier than wk 7. I know everyone is different and so find different parts of the program challenging, but I have to say wk 7 was the hardest so far for me. I think it was because I had already run the time in wk6 r3 and so I thought surely it should be easy to repeat it. Actually just like you I found harder every time. I went into wk 8 thinking there was no way I'd manage, but actually I have really enjoyed all 3 runs. "

    So I'm hoping I'll be able to enjoy week 8!

  • Although it makes no sense, I've learned it's often the way with different runs on this programme.

    Further, longer, stronger, say I!

  • Good luck and keep going. I've been ill this week so I am marking time. Hoping to catch you up in the not too distant future, lead the way!

  • Hope you're better very soon, Norni, and coming up fast behind me. :)

  • Well done greenlegs, finishing your run when not in the mood is fantastic :-) . The worst part of these 25 minute runs for me is between the "5 mins to go" and the "1 min to go" that 4 mins is worse than the 20 minutes already done.

    Just keep going, you can do it, slow and steady

  • I agree bibs - that's a tricky bit!

  • Well done green legs, there must definitely be something in the air because I really had to force myself out today and I was v glad when my run was over. But we ran so well done and enjoy week 8!

  • yes, seems to have been a bit of a downer everywhere today!

  • Well done for ploughing on when it wasn't easy! I found the last few weeks of the programme quite a slog at times, at this stage fitness is building and so it can be hard work. It does get easier I promise and it will be worth it when you reach your goal as you will! :-)

  • I'm just a run behind and have just completed W7R2 this morning, I have found the 25 mins of week 7 a lot tougher than the me in week 6, but I'm convinced its a mental thing, as when I think about it, my legs and chest aren't really complaining 'too' much, but my head tells me I need to stop. I had originally considered only completing week 7 twice, but have since realised this isn't a good idea and will trust in Laura to the end. I'm very glad to hear that others found this week tough and week 8 a little easier.

    On the plus side, I'm now at the stage where I can in envisage adding on an extra 3 minutes for week 8, then another 2 in week 9 and, for the first time, can almost see the finish line.

  • Glad you got through another 25 minuter Wepre - well done - they're not easy are they! You're right though, it is much more in the mind than the legs etc.

    I went out for a long walk today, well, not that long I suppose, at it was only just over 5k, but I enjoyed being out, walking by the canal.

    So, tomorrow - 28 minutes. I'm feeling reasonably positive about it at the moment, which is quite surprising considering how I felt yesterday! I might even go out in the morning, rather than wait until the afternoon, which is when I usually go out. Mmm - maybe I'm actually looking forward to it!

    notbad - I am holding you to that promise that it *will* get easier!

  • It will I promise!! :-)

  • Notbad, that makes two of us!

    Run 2 of Week 7 tomorrow at the crack of dawn. After two quite tough 25 minuters, I'm desperate to get a 'good' one under my belt.

  • May it be a darn good one. Fingers crossed for you! Father Fingalo... He he!

  • Bless you, Greeners....

  • Well done greenlegs! Best of luck for W8 :)

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