At last... A diagnosis :)

It's a stress fracture :(  (knee) for those that don't know my injury .

So at least now I know.. MRI on the 19th of this month to determine how bad :(  and physio on the 23rd.. So hopefully then I can begin to make a recovery!!! 

Will be resting it as much as I can till then.. eating as healthy as I can with lots of oranges porridge.. kale ect for added vitamin D :)

Exercise what I can with yoga and core.. and try my best to keep a positive attitude ,as difficult as it may be.. I WANT to run again.. 

Thanks everyone for your on going support over these past 4/5 weeks.. you really all do help :) 

 Watching all your progress with pride.. come on 5kers..we are all amazing xxx

Determination to matter how long it may be !!! X


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22 Replies

  • Blimey sparky! You're not doing things by halves are you? It's good that you now know what it is and can deal with it. A stress fracture will heal and you will run again. Keep the faith. x

  • Just responed to your fab news Irishprincess x :)  :)  :)

  • Notion of diagnosis- brilliant :) 

    Actual diagnosis- pants :(

    No wonder things weren't comfy out there!

    Here's to a speedy recovery and a slow return to the programme :) 

  • Hope it heals soon, sparky! We'll be right here to cheer you on soon enough :) Take care xx

  • Goodness... Poor you... take it one day at a time.. stay strong... and you will be back before we know it :)

  • Blimey!!!! Take care! You're almost there so little healing time and easing in and I'm sure you'll be showing us all how it's done!

  • Ouch!  But always good to know the reason, now you can focus on getting better

  • Well, at least you know what it is now. Good luck with your recovery.

  • A stress fracture! You don't go halves, do you? Hope it heals quickly, but I think these things can take a while. Still good to know what it is - and we'll be here to cheer you on when you're literally up and running again!

  • I'm so sorry for the bad news but, at least, now you know what you need to do to recover.

    I'm not a doctor, but a stress fracture of the knee from running sounds quite unusual to me; are you sure you're getting enough calcium with your diet?

    I wish you a quick full recovery (but don't rush things! 😉 ).

  • Yes secan.. I eat porridge most mornings..with soy oranges,plenty.. green leafy veg..bok chow being my favourite in stirfry..mushrooms.. did consider a vitamin D supplement, but my doctor assured me my diet was more than sufficient..  IT is rather common I've since discovered?  She also mentioned there was age related factors.. pft..I'm not dead yet! I'm determined if I can do anymore to aid recovery I will :) x thanks :)

  • That is why I was thinking about the diet; you are clearly too young for any of those age-related factors. 😉

  • You're such a gentleman.. BEEP BEEP )p

  • Sorry to hear your rotten news but at least you know now and you can begin on the road to recovery.  Physio is brill!  I hope you get a good physio. I'm relieved that I did. I had a long wait for the NHS but he was the goods!  Doing the physio makes you feel so much better as you're doing something positive to get you back on the road again. It's a long job but it passes more quickly when you're doing some physio rather than just sitting with your foot up most of the time.  

    I was diligent with the physio and ended up doing four lots of exercises each day but you do what you're told when you see it's working. My legs got really toned with it all. Win win!  You learn for the future as well. Knowledge is power

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  • Great thanks for that misswobble.. very positive.. that would be great as it really has been a struggle not knowing what excercise to do.. wether I was causing more damage or worried I wasn't doing enough.

    Yes anything to know I will be making my way back properly will be a boost!!

    Glad you done so well and back out there x wish you well x

  • Yes, that's the thing.  Until you have a diagnosis and subsequent you have no idea what to do.  I was in agony til the inflammation got sorted but then I had a long wait to see a physio, during which time I was in limbo.  

    Yours is your knee and I have no idea of how that's going to be rehalitated.  It will be exercises I expect. Has google shed any light on it?  You could swot up while you wait ☺

  • Yes I've got a plan of action.. found leg/thigh strengthening excercise without bending of knees.. sit ups and yoga.. resting knee as much as possible.. bought some really good insoles for exra support.. still secretly dreaming I can make race for life at end of July:)

     Thanks again for your great advice x experience to learn from x

  • Glad you got it checked out sparky. I hope the recovery doesn't have you on the IC too long. Hard not to feel frustrated but at least now you know what the problem is and that's a whole lot better than not knowing.

  • Oh Sparky ! No wonder you were in so much pain, Big Hugs Missus (((( ))))

    The positive that you can take from this , is that you now know what it is, its the not knowing that drives you barmy isn't it ?

    Now you know what it is , you can plan your recovery. Sounds like youre eating really well, and I do hope youre sleeping okay and its not too painful at night keeping you awake .

    Hang on in there Sparky, its frustrating and mind numbingly boring being on the IC , but you have got a goal to work towards and all's not lost . Theres always us on here to " chat " to and we understand. We " get " it .

    Sending you lots of healing vibes and best wishes xxxx

  • Knowing what it is, is the start of being able to mend. Carry on with your core and yoga work, you'll be back up to speed in no time xx

    ps Kale? Eurghhh, that's overdoing it, the stuff tastes like cats piss :o(

  • I disguise it in a smoothie lol

  • sparky you get well soon :-) you will graduate be sure of it :-)

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