I did it!! 10k at last!

I did it!!  10k at last!

After graduating in October I decided to just carry on running and enjoy the freedom of no goals of times and distances and with no plan to follow. I didn’t know if I would keep motivated this way but, surprising even to myself, I did and really looked forward to each run!

Then in January, after lots of talk on here of B210K, I decided to go for it too. I tried a couple of podcasts that were over a 9 week period but just couldn’t get to grips with going back to intervals; I so much prefer to just keep running….. :) So around week 4 I ditched the podcast and just went out with the aim of upping the distance by 10% or so each week and see how I got on that way.

I was still using my normal route each week around back roads, just adding to it to get the extra distance covered and then, after getting bored with this, went for a completely new route which had a nice array of flat, downhill and uphill roads to cover – along with main roads, traffic queues and commuters from the station! :O As I run mostly after work I knew I would most probably see some regular bus and train passengers about 3/4 of the way into the run and just where a nice slow incline starts which just helped me dig deep and carry on past them as they waited shivering at the bus stop; there was no way I could lose face and stop could I??!! At the weekends I would run this with my hubby who has been great at supporting and encouraging me the whole time and is a great pacemaker too even though it annoys the hell out of me that he can run seemingly effortlessly with no training at all! Grrr…… ;)

Anyhow, after a couple of days of freezing, arctic winds delaying a few runs and having a bad cold on another occasion here I am, 11 weeks later, running 10k in 1hr 9mins!! Woo hoo!! Completed it last night with a loud whoop and tears in my eyes and I feel absolutely fantastic! I never, ever though I would be able to do this kind of distance but here I am, 50 years old, achieving something I have never done in my life before…or even wanted to!! I still can’t quite believe it and nobody can wipe the silly grin off my face either! :D

Wow! What a journey to get to this point and to remain injury free too; I feel very, very lucky when I read of those here who are on the sidelines recovering from one thing or another :( But I won’t take it for granted as who knows what is around the corner……

So after a lovely meal last night and a well deserved glass or three of red to celebrate I actually feel fine today. A rest now though until the weekend and then onto the 5x50 challenge!

Thanks to everyone here for your continued support and encouragement – what a fantastic running family we have!! I am so proud to be part of it!

Sue :)


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65 Replies

  • Wow! What an inspiration you are! I'm about to finish c25k on Friday (where did the 9 weeks go??) so am looking for ideas of what to do next, so welcome the reassurance that 'no goals of times and distances and no plan' worked for you. I want to try running with no Laura, no music etc for a while, to see if I like it and to see if I can get more in tune with my breathing etc.

    So well done you, and thanks for telling me in week 1 that if you could do c25k, then I could. You were absolutely right! Cheers!

  • Ahhhh Petal, thats so touching that you remember something I said from back then; yes, there is nothing holding us 50-somethings back! ;) Well done you and I look forward to hearing all about your graduation; fantastic!

    I really didnt know if I could be motivated enough to continue at first without a plan as that is how I go about a lot of things in life but obviously this running lark has touched something in me I didnt know I had to make me just want to keep going! I too often run without music and dont find it a problem at all though breathing can still be an issue.... all the talk on bluebonnet's blog made my head whirl a bit I must admit! :O

    Thanks again for your kind words!


  • Im sat here grinning and bursting with pride for you Sue!!

    very well done on this achievement, and a great time too!

    fantastic, really.

    let us know how you get on with the 5x50

    ali :-)

  • Thanks so much Ali; glad to have made my virtual auntie proud!! ;)

    I think there will be lots of posts when the 5x50 starts, what with 27 in the team!

    Happy running!


  • How lovely! Well done Sue, an awesome achievement!


  • Thanks Jems! Another member of the ever-growing 10k bootyshaker club!! :D


  • Yeah baby!! Pics pls ;) xx

  • Well done Sue! A fabulous achievement - and a great time! You deserve to feel pleased with yourself. Best of luck with the 5x50 challenge :-)

  • Thank you dottiemay! Pleased as punch and then some!! :)


  • Whoo-hoo, Sue! You rock! :-) Totally, fantastically, amazing!!!! :-) I'm happy you found a way to achieve your goal, I agree, intervals suck! ;-) I am only at 8K right now, but taking my time. Like you, I don't want to risk injury. I agree on the husband bit too! Steve just seems to fly by me and then circle back with no effort! What's up with that?? ;-) Very happy for you and good luck with the challenge! :-) Gayle. BTW: 50 is just getting started! ;-)

  • Hey Gayle my friend, dont say "only" 8k; thats just as amazing!! You will be doing 10k very soon too wont you if I remember your birthday wish correctly??! ;)

    Thank you for your lovely words and continual encouragement and humour - luv you guys! :)

    I think I need to go buy something now to celebrate dont you??....... :D


  • Just wanted to agree with Sue - there's no 'only' about 8k, Gayle! :)

  • Yes, I want to reach 10K by my 50th. I have just about 1.5 months to go! I started out thinking the other night was the night, I was going to go for it! By my 5miles/8K, I changed my mind! I feel at the 8K mark like I did for quite awhile at the 5K mark, I don't think I'm quite ready to push on yet. Like you, 10K is quite an achievement, but I don't think I would want to run it consistently. About the pressies...was there ever any question?? ;-) Enjoy the shopping!!! :-)

  • Well done!

  • Thanks Lynds and glad your ankles are on the mend. You are doing the right thing getting back gently and then you will be at 10k too in no time! :)


  • WOW!! What an inspiration, good luck with your 5x50 :)

  • Thank you so much! We all inspire each other here, whatever stage we are at! :)

    Happy running!


  • Lovely blog, your sense of accomplishment shines out - well done, both on 10k & more impprtantly getting there! :-)

    I'm with you about going with 10% & ditching the intervals, worked for me too.

  • Thank you! :) Yes, I dont like intervals even though I know its a good part of training but I think I will wait for the lighter evenings and then do some fartlek training in the park and leave the streets for those longer runs.

    Best of luck for your HM training!


  • Thanks Sue, hm training is going great. I have actually found I quite enjoy fartlek, it's nicer being in control of when to speed up instead of a podcast telling me usually when I'm approaching an incline... A park sounds like a great place to do them, enjoy! (The hm bug may beckon you yet...) :-)

  • Glad to hear that and yes fully agree about the being in control thing.....not sure about the HM yet though; one step at a time! :)

  • Great to hear Sue that you've achieved that goal, I know how chuffed you will be.

    Half Marathon??? :D

  • :D :D :D Very funny Phil! Hope that isnt a challenge coming right back at me??! I think I will leave that to you for now; hope its going ok?

    Thanks for your kind words and yes chuffed to bits!! :)


  • Wow Sue, very, very well done indeed. I am in absolute awe of your achievement! Ad melioram!

  • Grazie, amica mia Delia!! :)


  • Awesome! What a fantastic blog Sue, huge congratulations to you.

    I completely agree about the running family too - great support for all.

    Good luck with 5x50 challenge :)

  • Thank you!! Yes this is a wonderful, supporting family of runners and I know for a fact I wouldnt still be doing this, let alone 10k, it wasnt for everyone here!

    Congratulations BTW on your graduation and shiny green badge! Very well done! :)


  • Oh boy can I feel your joy!

    Absolutely delighted for you Sue, bloody well done!

  • Awhhh Fingalo, thank you so much! Yes, bloody joyful is right!! :D

    I just know it wont be long before we are reading about your first 10k run - prose or verse, we dont mind which!! ;)


  • Ha ha!

    I seem to be going backwards at the mo Sue but I've plenty of time before the local race I'm aiming for so it could be some time yet.

    Enjoy the warm glow of success.

  • thats fantastic :) am so pleased for you :) well done sue x

  • Thank you Shelley! You have always been an inspiration to me so your words are very touching :)


  • Well done, Sue; reaching your first 10K is a great goal. I can feel your joy in your blog post. :-)

    Any plans for a 10K race? You'll get a medal for your efforts! ;-) And loads of folks cheering you on! :-)

  • Thanks Sheila! I am thinking about it more seriously now but maybe will get a few more under my belt before I bite the bullet! ;)

  • Aw Sue, thats just marvellous. I am grinning from ear to ear for you, your happiness radiates from that post. I hope I can one day follow in your footsteps too. Graduation run was tonight for me. I am celebrating my own fantasticness too this evening. I hope I am allowed to be smug for just one night, :-)

  • Thanks Karen and a big congratulatons to you too! Lets revel in fantasticness and smugness together - cheers!! :D


  • You have proved that determination and stamina get you there in the end. What an achievement. Like swanscot says , time to book in for a 10 race!

  • Thank you! I never thought I ever had stamina but it just shows what we are capable of......our bodies are amazing!

    Sue :)

  • What brilliant news. :) And what a time! Wow!! I think I am in your camp. Just keep running see how we get on. I do have a small motivation of the 2 castles run though. Thank you for a great post. Tx

  • Cheers Tricia! The 2 castles sounds great; best of luck in your 10k training for that. Slow and steady is the way! :)


  • What a fabulous achievement ! Your joy just radiates from the page. I'm very pleased for you and do hope one day I can achieve the same. Thank you for inspiring me!

  • Thank you Jennie and you will get there if you are determined and take it slow. Happy running!

    S :)

  • Have just raised a glass of vino to celebrate your achievement. Well done Sue :) (not sure I can do quite so many :) faces as Gayle) think you did a fab time too. Was gong to reply to one of the earlier posts but wouldn't let me...I agree that you should go shopping..think you deserve a little treat... Thinking about what I will treat myself with for the HM!

    Happy running!!!!

  • Ahh Ali thank you so much! :) Any excuse for me to go shopping for running gear and this seems as good as any an excuse....as does a HM, if not more so!! ;)

    Good to hear your training is going well for that and I am routing for you! Cant wait to hear all about it!


  • Fantastic achievement, Sue! What a great time too, really impressive. :)

  • Thanks greenlegs! Really appreciate this! :)

  • Aw Sue, I am so happy for you and I can really feel your pride emanating out of your blog! And rightly so, what an achievement! I love hearing about these kind of achievements and it is always that little bit extra special when it's one of my graduation class celebrating!

    Glad you celebrated well too!I might just have a cheeky glass in your honour!

    I look forward to joining you on the 5X50 soon! What's next for you after that? Begin training for the HM?

  • Thank you classmate!! :) Yes, isnt it wonderful to see when one of our "class" achieves another milestone in their journey, I so agree!

    5x50 will be interesting; hope I can keep it up but am sure with all you others in the team too we will encourage each other to keep going...... :O

    No HM yet but I am not ruling it out! ;)


  • It will be quite a challenge but we can do it, especially with each others' support as you say :)

    A wise plan re the HM. Enjoy the 10K for now, there's plenty of time. What would you do if you achieved all the distance goals in one go?!

    I'm half back into the 10K training, but can't wait for the weather to pick up so it makes going out for longer more appealing :)

  • Awesome Sue, simply AWESOME!!!!

    What an amazing accomplishment!! You thanked the folks on this forum for support, but I think that it is time for you to look into the mirror!! YOU are the support and a shining example of how to persevere and accomplish whatever you set your mind to!!

    You have every reason to be proud...enjoy your accomplishments and the journey that you took to achieve them!!


    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thank you so much Steve, for your congratulations, your support along the way, your friendship and your lovely words; it means so much! :)

    I hope your running is going well too. I cant wait for warmer weather to make it so much more enjoyable!


  • That's just plain brilliant, Sue - what a fantastic achievement! It hasn't taken you long, has it? I'm really impressed :) I'm not sure I'll ever find the energy to go for the 10k, but I can certainly cheer you on! Enjoy the 5x50, and keep blogging!

    Annie x

  • Thank you Annie! :) It seems like an age but I have been lucky and havent had to stop due to injuries, thank the Lord!! I certainly wont be running 10k all the time thats for sure but its nice to know I can do it! ;) Your cheering and kind words are always appreciated so thank you for that!


  • Is it too late to send my congratulations? I hope not because 10k is a fantastic achievement and to do it in that time is amazing :O

    I'm so glad you're on the 5x50 team; your enthusiasm should pull us all through! :)

  • Awh thank you so much Theresa! I'm apprehensive about the challenge but excited too! :) Got my 5x50 T shirt today though so am looking forward to wearing it to within an inch of its life over the 50 days! :D Might not be much of it left after all that wearing and washing.....!


  • :) :) whoop whoop!! This is fantastic and so encouraging for the rest of us. Having never run in my life I'm now on W5R2 and I love it. I am now considering also doing more after the programme, which in the beginning wasn't the intention. I hope all goes well with the 5x50 challange. You chicks are all great doing this :-D

  • Thanks so much! :) I never had the inclination to try 10k after graduation but sort of fell into it after all the talk on here; its amazing how this forum spurs us on to bigger and better things far beyond what we think we are capable of! Just shows the importance of supporting and encouraging one another!

    Best of luck for your 20 mins run - look forward to reading all about it! :)


  • Omg that's fantastic 10k!!! Hats off to you, I can only aspire to that, very very very well done xxxxxxxxxxxx :-)

  • Thanks Souki! Keep going, you just never know what you are capable of! ;) How many times do you stop and are just amazed at how far you have come on this running adventure? I have time and time again and this is just another of those moments; I too never thought I would do it!

    Hope your next run is better for you!

    Sue x

  • Oh my! Only just seen this. So very well done and well deserved. You have been such an inspiration to me and so supportive. Yay! :):):) Enjoy the feeling x

  • Awh thanks Khrissy! :) I think we are all just so supportive here, whatever level we are at, which is why its quite easy in a way to go for a new challenge because you know so many are behind you, urging you on! Couldnt do it without all you guys thats for sure! :)

    Sue x

  • That's brilliant; well done you. And I completely agree about running touching something you didn't know you had in you. I feel exactly the same. It just feels unstoppable now; I can't now envisage a life in which I don't run. It does change you.

  • Yes it really does Ned and I agree, running is part of my life now and I NEVER thought I would hear myself say that!! Thank you for your kind words and great blogs and one day I may get my 10k to under an hour just like you!! ;)

  • wow! well done Sue that is really fantastic! :-)

  • Thank you! :) It was tough but by easing into into slowly over time I got there!


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