W6R2 is it a fail?

Just did the W6R2. We live in a hilly area and the second 10 min run was on a steady uphill bit. I had to go to a walk for a minute around the 7/8 minute mark but managed to go back to a run to finish. It's been a tough week as I had the dreaded tummy bug at the weekend and still don't feel 100% but is this a fail? Do I need to repeat or go onto the third run next. Didn't feel up to it but I pushed myself to go so on one hand I feel pleased but on the other slightly disappointed that I didn't complete the entire 10 mins...


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9 Replies

  • I think u did great to finish it. No problem if u walk for a minute. U ran for 9 minutes up hill. Go ahead for the next run, u will do it :)

  • I think you should count it and move on.

    If run 3 proves too much then consider a repeat but this one is a ticked box :)

    Good luck :)

  • What's that "F" word? We don't allow that word here! Of course it's not a f*%$, there''ll probably be many times in your future running that involve a bit of walking, we all do it. Tick that run off, and on to the next one xxx

  • Curly girly is right- there is no f😖😖😰! And whether you repeat it or not is up to you... Some folks would want to, so they have completed every one of the runs... Have to admit I accidentally missed one run out due to playing the wrong podcast during C25k, and I just kept going because I managed it. To get your grad badge you have to complete the programme including three thirty minute runs in week 9, thereafter it's entirely up to you how you run . 

    Back to this week, do you feel you would have nailed the run if you hadn't had the after effects of the tummy bug? If so I guess you're ready for the next run! If not, perhaps you could repeat it till you don't need to walk? As cg says lots of people run walk after they graduate- but the programme is about being able to run for 30 mins straight... 😀

  • I'd wait till you feel 100% recovered before running again either way.

  • Your doing great! Carry on!😊

  • No way is it  f***.. hush your mouth! You did it.. carry onwards and upwards !

    Put this behind you, pat on the back for doing it, whilst not quite up to par.. and on you go :)

  • Thanks all for your comments and encouragement. I hadn't experienced a blip until today so really appreciate your input. Onwards and upwards! 😀

  • There's no C25K police you know!

    It's entirely up to you - if you feel ready to move on then just do it!

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