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It's never a fail

Yesterday I went for my W6R3. Normally I plan to get my run done first but this week has and is proving pretty hectic. I have a wedding reception to go to tonight and like the usual woman I had nothing to wear. After 10 minutes of looking yesterday I surprisingly found a beautiful dress but needed shoes so went in search of some. 5.5km of walking later and I still couldn't find any. I made the mistake of trying to fit my run in after that and before the school run. I hit a wall (not literally) by 11 minutes into the 22 minute run and had to walk for a minute or two for my breathing to settle.

I'm disappointed that I didn't run for the full 22 minutes so will be repeating it this week when I've got enough time and mental power to keep the bad thoughts and breathing in check. As much as I could be down hearted about it all I did manage to finish really strong with a proper run at the end for 2 minutes. I had plenty left in the tank but mentally I was weak and had my mind on other things.

Today is a new day so I am putting yesterday's run down to a practice. I'm going to enjoy myself tonight and look forward to my new challenge on Thursday. W6R3 isn't going to beat me - it's just going to make me stronger!

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Absolutely right, we all have the odd practice run. Go and enjoy the wedding reception, have a great time. Run another day.


Great attitude Trix !

Good Luck , you can do it ! :-) xxx


Of course it won't beat you! You'll be absolutely fine next time out.

Good luck!


I've had to abandoned W6R3 twice first one at 13 minutes run the other at 20 minutes runs, I took couple of days off and today managed to finish it. You'll make it definitely it.

Best wishes. :)


I only got to 5 minutes today on this run. Legs tight and heavy and couldn't find the motivation....trying to let it go. Would you rest or try tomorrow? First time i havent got through a stage.....


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