W4R1 Done!

W4R1 Done!

Just done W4R1! Took the 5 minute runs a bit slower and managed OK! My legs were feeling sore to start with so i might give myself a rest day tomorrow, although I walk into and back from work which is 4k each way, but my legs wont feel it as I will be listening to an audiobook. < this makes perfect sense

My app says I averaged 9.6kph for 3.45km not including the warmup & cooldown. So I am happy with that!

Thank-you to everyone for their support! It has helped a lot, I think im starting to feel a lot better, although that may well all end now because..

Here is me in my super fashionable running outfit. 


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13 Replies

  • Well done. All that walking to and from work is great exercise. Are you stretching after each run as that will help with aches and niggles? I think your outfit makes you look like a runner which you are!

    Keep posting and let us know how you're doing.

  • Many thanks for that, I was worried I would be outcast for bringing the running community into disrepute :P ! I stretch before and after but sometimes get lazy and forget. I always assumed stretching before was OK but now not so sure. Hopefully a day or two of non running will sort it out, as i think I've done 2 or 3 in a row.

  • Well done! Liking the snazzy running outfit too ;-)

    How is the weather where you are? It's cold, wet and horrible here in London, so I am saving my run till tomorrow.

  • Hey many thanks!! Its going to take me some doing to get a better outfit than that one. 

    In Manchester its pretty much the same, not as rainy as usual though I'm sure there was a bit of sleet when I went out today. There were a few sunny days last week though. Hope your run goes well tomorrow and the weather is good!!

  • well done, but remember rest days are there to let the muscles recover which should help to reduce/avoid injury so they are important, walking is great and cycling is fine on rest days too if you still want to keep active.I've never tried audio books, will have to give them a go, but I do get the pain won't be evident with a suitable distraction!

  • Yeah I've been skipping some rest days so should try and rest a bit, I was decent at running a few years ago and know what its like when you cant run because of an injury. If i wake up early enough I can walk slowly into work and it will be fine... hopefully.

    Aye audiobooks are really good for walking, my concentration hasn't been great recently but usually I listen to them when I'm walking somewhere. Stops me thinking aswell if I'm low so its a really good distraction.

  • Well done Kally ! I'm in Manchester too , we could be neighbours ! 

    Rest days are so important at this stage , take at least one between runs , you don't want to end up on the Injury Couch ! 

    You're doing great , keep going ! 

    You can do this ! :-) xxxx

  • Many thanks poppy! I'm living on Burton road at the minute. There's a really good run down by the river Mersey when it isn't muddy (need to get some off-road running shoes). I checked & my gym pass is still active for a few more days so I did my rest day on the cross trainer.

    Ahh now I realize that people don't mean intensive care when they say the IC :) that is a relief!

    Many thanks again, hope things are going well with you. Maybe we will meet in Manchester! Id really like to do the great Manchester run again.

  • Hi Kally, yes I know the area where you are :-) There must be some great runs to be had along the River Mersey. I am thinking of planning some routes along the Bridgewater Canal. It looks great, I might do Altrincham to Sale , but it goes right through to Manchester and beyond !

    Did you do the GMR last year ? Theres a few of us on here doing it this year .I did it last year, my first ever 10k and really enjoyed it . Its a brilliant event isn't it ?

    Great idea with the cross training Kally, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Ah well done on the 10K Its is awesome isnt it? I didnt do it last year I did it in 2012 I think & it was the best run of my life. (my only event run really) I'd never timed myself and was really surprised to get 47:49. Im not sure if I would make it this year as I need to lose a lot of weight. Im an expert at going from ~106 to ~90 Kg, then I put it back on in a few months. This time is different though. When I'm doing better & graduated the C25K I will start trying park runs and things like that. 

    Those routes sound interesting! Cant wait to be doing things like that! All the best for your runs and well done! Many thanks for your support!

  • You did 10k in 47.49 ???? Wow, that's amazing , Well done you ! :-)

    Keep at it Kally , you have it in you to do amazing things, there is so much you can achieve when youre determined and commited , and yes this time is different, you have this brilliant programme and the support of us on this wonderful forum.

    Good Luck and keep going ! :-) xxx

  • EEk - not sure about the colour of the shoes :-)

    Well done so far - I did week 4 run 2 last Wednesday but haven't managed to get out since - will have to get out and complete the week tonight - so I'm the opposite - too many rest days - either way it's going to hurt more than having just one or two rest days between runs

  • If I ever get life insurance It better be cheaper for those :P

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