I did it! I have been really dreading the 5 minute runs, but I managed it- although I was the slowest I've ran so far! Hopefully i'll be able to speed up a little in the next 2 week 4 runs. I have had such sore heels/ankles and calf muscles recently so feel so much better for a week's break. just have to take these breaks while my body gets used to running!


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  • Well done for completing the run.

    Just a thought - have you checked your running shoes are suitable as I wouldn't have thought you should be getting sore heals. (or maybe I've just been lucky)

  • Maybe that's worth checking- although they are running trainers. I read online that a lot of new runners get sore heels/ankles which can be caused by tight calf muscles unfortunately!

  • Don't worry about slow. The point of this is number of minutes not how far or fast. Don't worry about taking more than 1 rest day if you need it. You don't have to complete in 9 weeks. Make sure you are stretching and have proper running shoes after gait analysis.

    You are doing great. Just keep going and trust the programme. It works.

  • Thank you, sounds like gait analysis might help. I definitely need to stretch a lot more though and take a couple of days rest in between. I'm loving the programme! :-)

  • You're one ahead of me I go tomorrow, so am apprehensive about the big increase. Thankfully it's poured down and cooler, and as someone who lived in Northants for many years it's typical Silverstone weather. Good luck next week, but check out those heels - for sure that's not right. And scream for Lewis for me....

  • Good luck! I find I get so apprehensive before hand and then it's actually never as bad as I think it's going to be! Look forward to hearing how you get on- so good to be able to support each other :-)

  • Well done!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ you're one ahead of me too, struggled with w3r3 this morning & dreading W4 too!!

  • Thank you!! Good luck for week 4- I think so much of the dread is just in our minds- when actually the programme really does prepare you for the step up! You can do it! :-)

  • Well done on your run! I bought new trainers after week 2 as I was really uncomfortable (now at same stage as you). I did go to a running shop and they assessed my gait. The difference in my aches and pains is huge and I'm so much more comfortable. Well worth it! I got Brookes Ghost trainers. Good luck

  • Where did toy go to have your gait assessed? Sounds like it could be worth going and getting that checked out! Good luck to you too! So great to be able to talk to others in the same situation :-)

  • I went to a place called 'Up and Running' in Manchester. I've just completed week 4 run 2 so I'm looking forward to a well earned glass of wine later. 😁

  • Well done! Enjoy that wine! :-)

  • Just go slowly and steadily... simple as that... :) trust the programme and have faith in yourself..:)

    The sore heels and calf muscles are a common issue. When we first start to run, we often thump our feet down..probably concentration.. and the impact on our legs is massive.. try to land lightly..I love the expression, kiss the ground with your feet:) if the heel problem persists and you are sure your running shoes are okay, then Sorbothane heel shock stoppers are great. I have them:)

    Sorbothane Shock Stopper Heel Pads.. got mine on Amazon :)

    Do not speed up... you need to keep it gentle and relaxed... enjoy the journey and get to the Graduation podium injury free :) As the runs get longer, you may find your comfy running pace kicks in... and you will be so gad you did not push too hard :)

  • Thank you! I will keep remembering to trust the programme and go sloooooow. It certainly helps and I'm sure in the future I'll be able to speed up once I'm more confident and able.

    I'll definitely buy the heel pads if the pain continues. Thanks for that recommendation. I must be a bit of a thumper!! Will try and stay light on my feet! Thanks so much for your reply.

  • Lots of us thumped our feet down in the early weeks..so much to think about..like just breathing :)

  • Well done. I've just done W3R2 and was dreading the first one. It's amazing how quickly I have built up stamina though.

    To be honest I am bricking it for W4 πŸ€” and five minutes but was like that for W3R1 and have managed it twice now!

    I took a longer break this week. Did W3R1 last Saturday. My shorter beginner one on Monday and it's taken me until today to do Run2. Quite honestly my ankles feels better for it. I won't worry quite so much next week about more than a day off if that's what it takes to keep my ankles happy.

  • We really must learn to trust the programme! Every time the new challenge is set I seem to rise to it, so should really learn to stop doubting myself!! You will be able to do W4- good luck! Especially after your final W3 run. I have learnt that I need this extra rest days or otherwise my legs are so painful- so am taking days out to stretch and losing my calves definitely seems to ease my ankle pain. Well get there even if it takes us longer than 9 weeks!

  • Nothing to fear, except Fear itself :)

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