W4R1 Done and Dusted!

W4R1 Done and Dusted!

I am still not sure how I seem to manage to pick running days where the heavens open and I am pretty much swimming round rather than running. Lancashire was a tad soggy at 6am but I did it! Not sure I quite believe it. The rain was coming down slightly during my first run and I was delicately trying to avoid the big puddles round the cricket pitch. By the time I was half way through the session I was ploughing through like some kind of athlete doing the steeplechase. My poor tootsies were wet through and I was completely and utterly drowned but I managed it all. My legs are feeling it a bit now and I feel really tired but euphoric that I managed both 5 minute runs and both 3 minutes ones without stopping and without begging for her to put me out of my misery. I love this programme. Treated myself to a long sleeved Karrimor running top in Sports Direct last night and it made so much difference. At only £6.99 I couldnt really leave it there. Got to love Sports Direct. Its become my new favourite shop:) My Race for Life pack came yesterday. Its all become very real!!!! Eek


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  • Well done :) I'm off to Sports Direct at lunchtime to get a lighweight jacket to run in, its become my new favourite shop too! Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you:) You too!! Can you believe we are doing this??!!! Its unreal. Karrimor also had some good lightweight jackets which were decently priced. Think pretty much most of Karrimor in there is 70% off. I might get one too at some point. I run in a lightweight Karrimor one but its not as lightweight as a running one. Its a coat but its not overly heavy so I'm ok with that for now. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop in there! When I have finished this course my plan is to upgrade my trainers. I have some new ish New Balance ones and they are doing the job but looking at all the purpose built stability ones is making me a bit giddy so I'm saving up already. Hope you get to try Week 4 tonight:)

  • Its totally unreal! I got excited the other day when I purchased some new running socks. I did look at the jackets then but thought this might just be a whim so left it however running in my fleece hoody is soon to be thing of the past :)

  • :) I tried some of those compression socks because in week 2 my legs felt like lead and felt so tired but they made the pain so much worse that I gave up on them! I only wore them once. I know what you mean but 4 weeks in I feel like im taking it seriously now so I can get giddy about Sports Direct as I know I will finish this and its something I want to carry on with. I still dont class myself as a runner yet. I was talking to the assistant in the shop about trainers and how I had done the wet test (get me talking like a runner :)) and found I have a normal footprint so might in the future might want to upgrade my trainers to stability ones with gel etc and she asked what sport I do and I still feel embarrassed at saying running thinking she would look at me and wonder what on earth I'm saying that for when I dont look like a runner and still have wobbly bits in the wrong places. Hopefully one day I wont be embarrassed to shop in Sports Direct and tell the assistant I'm running. My ultimate aim is to buy some running pants that are the skin tight ones. I run in lightweight jogging pants but want some skin tight ones (no idea why lol but I probably associate running with the adidas pants with the white stripes down the side). The ones I tried on were a size 16 which I was chuffed about (im normally 18) but they didnt really do me too many favours. Pretty soon I hope to be in them and looking goooooooood:) Hehe:)

  • Thats exactly how I feel! I feel like a fraud even walking into Sports Direct haha! My aim is the same as yours - to run in a pair of running pants and a bright yellow jacket with a big smile on face and a "hey look at me" glow about me :)

    At the moment its more jogging pants, an old hoody and a "please dont look at me" glow haha!

  • Me too! I do early morning runs to avoid the general public. Last night on my way back from SD I had a crazy thought that I might have started Week 4 last night rather than waiting for the morning. I was just so anxious to get it done that I thought I would drive past the cricket field and if it was empty I would go. It was filled with kids playing football and I carried on driving and thought 'nope not a chance'. Maybe when i get a bit further on ill go out in general public. At the moment there is only me daft enough to run around the cricket pitch at 6am in the pouring rain. Heres looking forward to the day we are in running pants. Its not just graduation that im looking forward to but now the newly named running pants day RPD:)

  • I admire anyone who can get out of bed at 6am and run especially in the weather - I just about manage to get up at get to work! I'm loving the RPD idea - I think we should accompany it with a picture of us in all our wonderful running graduate glory :)

  • Yes! RPD is our next challenge. I dont think ill get there before graduation as its going to take more than 9 weeks to look respectable in anything skin tight. But thats the next challenge! Bring it on:)

  • Well done on your W4R1 - I'm going out for W5R1 tonight. although I'm totally with you on the need to visit sports direct at least once each week....

    fully Karrimored out already, & determined that one day this dayglow yellow blob will become a runner!!

  • We will have to set up a Sports Direct Addicts Group. Isnt it weird how you get the urge and then you have to go 'just to have a browse' and then end up buying more stuff. Who said this running lark was virtually free;) I already have 2 sets of running jogging pants, one Karrimor running tshirt, one new long sleeved Karrimor running t shirt, a little bum bag thing for phone and house keys and my water bottle. I already have a list of wants (super dooper trainers, some lovely skin tight running pants and ooh what else......) I am literally having to stop myself going back.

  • I got "all the gear" when I started out last year and always laughed that I was typical . got the gear but no idea .....

    now I'm more got (some of) the gear and starting to get the idea!!

  • Hi there, well done, excellent achievement :-) and in the rain! (which seems to be the default option in this lovely spring!)

    So it's not just me and Sports Direct! (Just how many ridiculously oversized mugs does one person need - they will keep sending them...) and I'm still trying to work up the courage to go for the RPD!

    I like the idea of the Addicts group... perhaps NHS Choices could negotiate a discount scheme of some sort for C25K members - they must be doing a roaring trade from us.

    Keep up the great work and get out there in public it's a great feeling!

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