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Hi all

So after my little meltdown of fear on Sunday with panic setting in that Monday was W4 R1 I did it straight from work as usual so around 5.45pm & I am pleased to say that I did it but I hated every minute of it :(

My legs were aching so much & this is what seems to be my issue at the minute. My breathing was fine, it was under control & I didn't panic or get overly out of breath which is a massive bonus & I'm happy with it :) it's just the achy legs that make me want to give up :(

I changed my route a tad so ran mostly flat ish with a few small inclines. The 2 x 5 minute runs seemed to go on forever & when Laura said I was only 2.5 mins into my first 5 minute run I wanted to cry, it seemed like I'd been running for an age!!

I'm running slow & steady, controlling my breathing & guess I should be really pleased that I did it without having to pause or stop but I think after 3 weeks of being ok the W4 gremlins have come to play :(

Any tips for the achy legs? If I can stop that I know I won't feel so bad & the fear may pass again. The thing that keeps me going through my runs is knowing I haven't got time to repeat a week or even a run. The 9 weeks finishes just before I head to Lanzarote so I have that as my goal to graduate before I go & get into a routine of running a good amount of time so that I can run in the sunshine on holiday.

I like my weeks to be Monday - Sunday with runs Tue/Thurs/Sun. I get a little OCD about certain things so having to do a re run of say even a day will totally mess my head up. Stupid I know but that's just how I have to process things so if I had to re run day 2 on the Sunday instead of doing day 3 I would feel like I've failed as i wouldn't be able to start the following week on day 1, I'd have to start from scratch. I know that is not the case but that's just how my brain works & it would drive me totally nuts :(



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27 Replies

  • Well done Vicky, yes it's hard and your legs hurt but you completed the run. Run 2 & 3 must get easier as your body gets used to it.

    My run 2 tomorrow ! Just remember "Slow & Steady" good luck.

  • Thanks Patrick, good luck lovely keep us informed :) x

  • I used to get lower leg pain, but started the strength and flex podcast on my rest days - little big of leg work with some stretch routines. That may help.

    The fact you completed is good, and for that alone you are succeeding. There are 2 more runs to consolidate this week, so plenty of opportunities to evaluate how you feel tomorrow's run?

    Also check your running form and posture. Do you have decent shoes? Might be worth trying one run in a gym so you can watch your posture? It helped me, but I go to the gym around 5:00 in the morning, when no one else is there!!!

    I have a scheduling nightmare ahead of me as well. I'm due to fly home (transatlantic), arriving after around 18 hours of travel. Week 5 run 3 is the next day (20 minute run).

  • Wow that flight will be a killer!! Good luck with the run :)

    Not a chance of getting time to go to a Gym, I have an 1.5hr commute to work everyday plus kids, partner (who don't get me wrong is amazing, sorts food & stuff out as he gets home first & makes sure I actually go on my runs) so the C25K was the perfect way to get fitter with just 30 mins 3 times a week. The only time I see 5am is if I'm getting up to go to the loo or going to the airport :) :) :) hahaha

    I bought new trainers a few weeks ago having had my feet checked because the trainers I was using just weren't right, even I knew that as a newbie as I was in pain, proper pain lol & it's really only been the last 3 runs that my legs have REALLY felt it. I'm wondering if it's just normal aches felt with my muscles being used. What do you think??

    I do make a concious effort to watch my posture, make sure heels hit floor first etc & tbh I'm only running just a touch faster than a brisk walk!! I loosened my laces last night before I set off as I think they were too tight last week as my feet really hurt bad & that seemed to solve that problem so now it's just the ache to fix :)

    I'll see how I am tomorrow & then maybe consider having the running on a treadmill thing done. A big thank you for the advice, much appreciated

    Safe flight x

  • Heel first? Ooooo, bad!

    Most people here disagree with Laura's advice re: heel 1st. Aim for mid-foot if you can.

    In fact - aim for whatever feels most comfortable!


  • Hi

    What I mean is it's not toes first. How you could even land toes first I have nooooo idea??? lol

    It does tend to be heel to mid foot which is my natural running step I'm afraid & does feel comfortable for me


  • Your legs will hurt until you build enough muscles; that is inevitable and there is nothing to worry, as long as the pain is not unbearable and doesn't last for more than a day or so.

    In order to speed-up the muscles building process, you can do a number of things:

    - do some strength and flex workout during the rest days

    - walk more every day

    - climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator

    Anyway, well done for getting to the end of the run! Remember that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. ;)

  • Thanks Secan

    Think I'm going to look at some stretch exercises for my rest days as Sundae8pm & you have suggested. Any recommendations? I don't really go anywhere that has an elevator, apart from Meadowhall so always take the stairs & only have stairs at home & work so that's all good :)

    Off to Bakewell this weekend so will be doing lots of walking & tbh I try to walk if I can just not out locally enough to walk sometimes. Every where is a long car drive away when we do anything :(

    In my head I know I can do it I just have to convince myself haha


  • Well, there is a 4-week strength and flex plan on the NHS website: nhs.uk/Livewell/strength-an...

  • P.S. You are already almost half way through the programme, of course you can do it! Don't let self-doubt get in the way.

  • :) :) :) Thank you x

  • I have just this morning completed W4R2 and I'm experiencing the same as you. My breathing is controlled but my legs are so painful. My husband who quite often runs 10km says he is the same with every run for the first km then I suppose his endorphins kick in and the pain eases. Mine seem to hurt more when I'm walking in between runs so I'm hoping once the runs get longer and my legs get stronger it will get a bit better (that's what I'm telling myself anyway!). Today's run was easier than Mondays but I took it a little bit slower. Good luck with your run tomorrow :)

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one haha :)

    Good luck with your next run x

  • See I think it's no shocker that our muscles will hurt as we train them. So what, it's just pain and as we get stronger it will pass.

    You are doing something amazing for yourself. If you don't want to miss a run, then don't. If you need to miss a run, well then you'll find a way. Don't worry too much!!

  • Some of us don't do pain as well as others. My threshold is virtually zero!! You wouldn't think I'd given birth twice hahaha

    Thank you :) x

  • We obviously block THAT out or we'd never have more than one!!

  • Hahaha isn't it strange that though lol. I seriously am such a wimp, I just can't do pain. You should see me with a paper cut!! haha


  • Hang in there, vicky. Week 4 was the absolute worst for me - it definitely got better from week 5. The only advice I have for aching legs is to go slow. If your feet ache after the run, try soaking them in hot water with some sea salt/epsom salt. Works wonders and feels like a treat after all that hard work.

  • Thanks Shivani

    I honestly don't know how I can go any slower lol. I used to worry it would be the out of breath bit that would bother me but as I said amazingly that seems under control.

    My feet seemed ok last night after not having my laces as tight. I've had trouble with my feet all my life so I do get a bit a bit nervous about them but they actually were ok last night. Just need to get this achy legs bit under control.

    My best friend runs, has done for years, her hubby is a pro so she has all the right gear & does everything right thanks to him & she says even now that's the one thing that she suffers with, achy legs & it's never gone away in all the years she's been running.

    Oh well no pain no gain, or that's what I keep telling myself anyway haha

    Good luck hun x

  • Well done Vicky. Completing the runs is progress and all you need to do.

    I’m only a week ahead of you, so hardly an expert, but I found the jump from Week 3 to Week 4 the toughest so far. Run 2 went so much better than Run 1 and I felt I’d come to terms with the 5-minute challenge. Stick with it: I hope it will be the same for you.

    I haven’t got any specific advice other than maybe taking an extra rest day. My legs ache too. I just have to try and block it out.

    To quote Lawrence of Arabia: “of course it hurts; the trick is not minding that it hurts.”

  • Thanks Vivster

    I do sort of feel the 'if it's aching/hurting it must be working' so that just spurs me on. Doesn't stop the gremlins though :S


  • It sounds like the usual aching after using muscles that aren't used to being used 😂 If it is that it will wear off as your legs get stronger and used to running. Of course, every time you push yourself you'll probably get it again. But there will come a time when you can run at an easy pace and it doesn't happen. I bet if you did week 1 again you wouldn't get it.

  • Thanks Jay you've probably hit the nail on the head!! Thank you x

  • Well done Vicky.

    I just did W4R2 this morning and it killed me, really didn't enjoy it. Felt tired and heavy legs, even during the first three minute run. Honestly didn't think I was going to make it through the whole thing but I ploughed through and just made it, going at a snail's pace!

    Let's keep on keeping on though :-)

  • Well done lovely that's brilliant!! Got to keep going :)

    My Mum is coming with me tonight as she's been running on the treadmill at the Gym so when I told her the minutes for W4 she said oh I'll come Thursday lol. She's signed up for a 10k at some point this year so she needs to get some training in!! I'm hoping it'll just give me that boost to get R2 done :(

    My R3 will be Sunday, what about you Jenny? x

  • I bet that will be nice having company with you!

    I'm hoping to do my R3 on Saturday but it might well be Sunday too if life gets in the way on Saturday. I'm pretty sure I'll be repeating W4 a few more times before I'm ready to move on to the week 5 as I am struggling this week! xxx

  • I'm not sure if I'll like her being there or not lol. I've got my own little routine going, love my music blaring & just concentrating on each step so we'll see!!

    I haven't even looked at week 5 so god knows if I'll be moving to it or not haha

    Good luck hun x

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