This was a bit more of a challenge for me, still managed to finished it. Legs got a bit tight, loosened up after stretches, but it was my breathing that got me. I took off a bit faster than I should have on the first two runs and struggled to get a rhythm with my breathing on the first 5 min run. I took the pace down for the next 3 and 5 min and felt a lot better. Will watch my pace on the next run.


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  • Will be doing exactly the same run with my daughter this morning. Will keep inn mind about pace especially as it's hot out there. Well done on getting week 4 underway.

  • Good luck with week 4, as I said, I found it a challenge but it wasn't impossible. Just keep the pace in mind and I'm sure you'll do it.

  • Well done! It is still the breathing that gets to me still and I am on wk7 (a couple of times). It is most definately the pace as when I take it down a notch I am fine. Keep going and you will get there. Trust Laura and yourself. Happy running.

  • Just need to find that balance between pace and breathing. One day it will all click together and we'll be out there running for fun as well as health and fitness. Good luck and keep going.

  • I'm doing week 4 run 1 on Sunday. I struggled with week 3 but I'm going to trust Laura and give it a try.

    I'm slow anyway but this is a good tip to keep the pace in mind and correct breathing to get through it in one piece.

    My knees have been hurting so I'm having a 3 day break, mostly because my personal life is in the way with family visits and what-not but also to rest the old knees.

    Hopefully this break will be a good thing to starting Week 4.

    Good luck with the rest of the programme and keep us posted.

  • I'm sure it will all click into place one day. It's all about pushing on and achieving something for you. Have you seen a doctor about your knees? you might need some sort of support. Good luck and keep going.

  • Thanks - yes I was thinking if they haven't improved by Sunday I'll make an appointment to see the GP.

    It's not like I'm in agony, they are just a little sore and as I sit here, typing this, I am aware of my left knee not feeling quite right. Being inexperienced I can't tell if this is possibly a serious injury, a mini injury that just needs rest or if it's just my body getting used to exercising or both?

    Do you get any aches and pains that last after your session has finished?

  • Knee injuries are very common when running. I have a bad knee but running hasn't had any effect on it. I got a tightness around the bottom of my legs yesterday but by the time I got home it was gone. I recover quite quick (hope it stays that way) and don't have any pains the next day. Best to see the doctor and get his opinion on it, just to be on the safe side.

  • Well done for completing your run. I have my last wk 3 run tomorrow and Weill start week 4 next week. Good tip about the pace but I run quite slowly so hopefully my breathing will be OK. My husband teases me about my pace saying it looks like I am jogging on the spot. I think it is excruciating for him to run at my pace but he is very supportive

  • I have just got back, it was hard going but what I mentally complained to myself as I was out was the absolutely awful music, the 'one in a million' or whatever it's called! track during walking phase is dreadful.... However on a positive note I was thinking how awful it was then the next running segment went ok, good luck on run 2

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