What a day!

I took today off, I have so much overtime and holiday and it's really great to have a day off during the week. I did it last year as well and went hiking in the mountains most days - it was fantastic! When my boss looked reproachful I told him this was time for me, to get fit and exercise. It made him think - we're about the same age! So off into town to deal with a few things and spend the book vouchers I got at Christmas (shows how often I go into town!). The first section I went to was the running section! I love books. And books about running are the best - I'm not getting obsessed, am I? 

Back home I planned to do a long run in the afternoon. But yesterday I had some kind of tummy upset. My long run last weekend was also a bit of a struggle and damaged my confidence. As its getting warmer I ran without a jacket. Last year my mobile fitted nicely into the back pocket of my running tights. But last year I was only walking. Last weekend I found the damned thing kept pulling my tights down and I ended up running with my mobile in my hand - a bit uncomfortable. So on the recommendation of someone on this forum I bought myself a flipbelt, and that problem was solved. But I was still unsure about my long run today. 

Anyway I ate well at lunchtime and even had a little nap in the afternoon.  Then when hubby got ready for work (he's a chef and works mostly evenings) I got myself kitted out and decided to see where my legs take me. I didn't want to overdo it, so I used my HRM again and promised myself I would take it slow and enjoy myself. I would walk if my heart rate went too high. I would be sensible. I wouldn't beat myself up if I didn't get very far and was horribly slow. 

It was a fantastic run! The weather was perfect, about 14 degrees, partly sunny, partly cloudy. I ran across fields, through woods, changed my route when I saw a tractor spraying something on fields up ahead and I was feeling so good at about 4 k that I decided to add a loop to the route I'd chosen - making it even longer. The trees are blossoming, the flowers are out, the first dandelions are adding bright splashes of colour, the cowslips have pushed their way up on the common. Everything is bright, green, yellow, purple. The magnolia is in full bloom, the cherry trees opposite our flat are a rage of pink. I saw rabbits hoppling away from me, lots of birds, magpies, crows. 

And I ran all the way, slow and easy. Runkeeper was recording the route but not telling me anything, I told myself I wouldn't look at my watch (except the HRM) and I would stop when I wanted. I didn't want to. I ran 10.5 k - non-stop! And it was glorious! Bloody slow, just short of 1 1/2 hours, but always stayed within range on my HRM, which means I won't suffer too much tomorrow. And the last 1.5 km were the fastest. In fact I got steadily faster as the run went on. 

10 k - I just ran 10 k!


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11 Replies

  • That sounds amazing! What a great run and it sounds like it was a beautiful day for it too :-D 

  • Sounds like a beautiful run...and 10k! Yay!  Well done☺, it's a great distance - bet you have a big beaming smile on your face for the rest of the day!

  • I can't really believe it. Mind you I think many people can walk faster than I run! But it was great fun😎

  • Woo Hoo Jaysee !

    Go you ! Yep the Running Gods well and truly were smiling down  on you today . Sounds like you had a fantastic run , and Yay go you with the 10k !!!!

    Absolutely brilliant , Well done !!! :-) xxx

  • Sounds like the stuff of my dreams :) 

    I really hope the day comes that I can relax into it all and just take off. I'm set on my post-grad 4 weeks or so consolidating my 3x 30 mins but am looking forward to just trusting my legs and body to plod me to places :)

  • The trick really is to go slowly and comfortably. But as I said I was very slow and really I'd quite like to speed up. But not for a while yet!

  • Woo hoo! Sounds like a fabulous run!

  • Sounds absolutely wonderful, it's strange how it all comes together when you are least expecting it, especially given that you weren't feeling so well. Really brilliant and WHAT a distance!

  • Crazy isn't it? Never expected to do that distance 6 weeks after graduating (with no side-effects). Really need to concentrate on my speed now - as I'm so slow. I know I can do distance😎

  • Goodness!! Need a 'mega-like' button for this post. That's brilliant, Jayseeskinny! The perfect way to run a 10k -slowly and spontaneously. No pressure, no anxiety, no rules, just gentle running. Well done 😀

  • Thank you - it will take a while before I repeat it though. It does seem a LONG way!

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