Knees saw daylight for first time in about 20 years!

was working this weekend and was planning to run this evening, was tired when I came home and in need of a cup of tea( must be an age thing, tea is vital for me to function) as I got in there was a power cut, so no tea😩 phone call to power company said they expected it too be on by off I went to the next village for chips for the family ...decided to run while they had their food and found my running tights and top were still wet in the washing machine from Friday...oops I'm not very well domesticated...nearly talked myself out of running but remembered I had bought a pair of above the knee triathlon shorts..after some dithering in front of the mirror with the gremlins telling me not to go out like that, and a sore head from tea withdrawal, I gave myself a kick and braved the outdoors in shorts... Chose a different route to my normal 5 k route and ran past my normal turning onto a disused railway to the next village, managed to run all the way there, through the village and back via the main road, had my phone volume on too low and heard my app muttering something but kept on until I got home,ran past a bit and then walked home for a cool down. Checked my phone and I actually ran 7 k! My longest run yet! Was so glad I went out when I so nearly abandoned the idea. Must have been the lucky shorts! P.S sorry to ramble....


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20 Replies

  • Sterling effort. I trust power has been restored and with it your tea levels.

  • yes thank you!

  • Lovely post x

  • Well done, that sounds like a great run :)

    New route, pretty much tech-free, sounds ace :)

  • Sounds great, and shorts are ideal in this weather!

  • Brave Ully.... I don't dare :)

  • Haha - nor me! Strictly for the beach or back garden!

  • Oh yes...!

  • Sounds like those shorts need to come out more often!

  • You think that's rambling... read my posts!!!! I have been quite neglectful , writing up runs at the moment, so much going on, but normally... I go on and on!

    Brilliant post and a great run too... I did my first 7K this last Friday, did a second one yesterday, which may have been a mistake! ( Legs a tad achy this morning!).

    Brave going out in shorts too, although I have bought some, for the first time in years, to wear for my runs, when we are in France. ( Figured no one would know me there!) Plus my legs are slightly fatter and much tauter and stronger now, (not sparrows ankles any more) so think I will look okay.

    Your route sounds lovely, and flattish? I would love to find some really flat area where I can just run, without worrying about hills! Where are you...?

    I have to have my cuppa too.... sets me off for my runs in the mornings... and the afternoon tea... oh yes!

    Well done you anyway ! :)

  • I'm in Perthshire, route seems fairly flat when you drive it but has a steady climb when you try to cycle or run it! We are in the strathmore valley so we have some good flattish land surrounded by beautiful hills so get the best of both worlds!

  • Wow... sounds amazing! Lucky you... sounds wonderful.

    I am off to Carsington Water in Derbyshire, in our tin-tent, this morning... I think the only flat bit there, is across the dam...!!! But I am looking forward to some early morning runs there anyway!

  • Well done for running with no cuppa first, I can't  function without it either! Great 7km run and shorts are just the best so don't pop then back in the draw!😊

  • Brilliant - well done. 

  • Wow Heavyhorse,

    7k...well done, thats impressive. Do you think it was doing the new route, cos Im always ready to stop at the end of my route which is just under 5k. Do you usually feel like you have something left at the end of your 5k or are you normally pleased to stop too..?


    Maybe they are magic shorts...where can I  get😊

  • I think a different route is good because you don't anticipate when you can stop, I have done 6 k for my last two runs so it wasn't as big a jump, I did my first parkrun just over a week ago, and inadvertently went a bit faster and couldn't have done another step than the 5 k, but the next run took a detour from my normal route and did 6 k, and felt that was my limit, I now know a 5 k, 6 k and 7 k route with potential to expand! I just have to make sure I don't try to do too much too soon!

  • Excellent! That's the way to do it, and the right weather too! I bought some Aldi Capri length runners that I've not dared leave the house in yet!! You have given me courage!

  • go for it!

  • Ha!! Look out, World!

  • Impressed! By the 7 km but also by you bare-legs-courage. Well done. Nothing's gonna stop you now.

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