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First longish run


Well common sense won yesterday and I didn't run in the evening. Instead I did a leisurely 10 k walk from work back home. Quite pleasurable. So today was running day. I need to build up stamina and distance (I don't know why, but I feel I do) and speed, of course. And the stamina comes from long runs, which I can only really do at the weekend. So a long run it was. I chose a different route which I've walked hundreds of times, but haven't run in the last 12 years. The idea was to run slowly and easily as long as I felt like it. When I'd had enough I would stop and walk the rest. No pressure. I didn't even listen to runkeeper or have a watch, although runkeeper was running in my pocket (I want to know the stats afterwards!). So off I went over the fields, nice and slow, smooth as silk. Past dog walkers and little old ladies who smiled sweetly at me, which was actually quite motivating. Managed to nip across the only road I have to cross without stopping and then it was off up the track, dodging puddles and pot holes. Along the muddy hedgerows off into the area we call "the bendy trees" where the wind has sent all the trees leaning in one direction. Soft grass underfoot, more dog walkers and then into the woods where the path is really soft with pine needles and leaves. I love that route, I remember running there years ago on a bank holiday, rejoicing at the extra day off, the good weather and the fact I could run. It was similar today. I had the option to turn back just before the woods but felt good so through the woods it was. Then cutting back past the allotments and the little open air chapel, onto the rough ground and back among the bendy trees. Back home across the fields, getting a bit puffed now and very sweaty! At the end I had run 6.1 km in 47 minutes. Not fantastically speedy, but anything under 8 mins per km is fine by me on a long run.

Fun, fun!

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Sounds like a lovely run. I want to run that route now - sounds so much nicer than the pavements I normally pound!

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Fatcj

I am very lucky living on the edge of Munich. In just about every direction there are fields and lakes. Also some woods and a nature reserve, which is just basically a piece of open grassland bordered by woods. Quite boring really, but apparently there are some rare birds nesting there. I think there are about 15 lakes in a radius of 20 km. So when I do my triathlon I shall cycle to a lake, go for a swim and then do a run (wrong order, but who cares! Not very likely me doing a triathlon anyway!)

FatcjGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

I lived in Munich for a couple of years - lovely city. Should have started running when I was there but I was more interested in the beer!

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Fatcj

I'm not averse to the beer either !


Well done sounds a really lovely run :)


Super post... it sounds wonderful...I love the bendy trees!

I was definitely there with you, ( although at the moment... I'd have held you back.. feeling grotty currently!)

You live in a lovely area.. maybe some pikkies, especially the open air chapel.. fascinating.

What a great run and a long one too..go you :)

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Sorry to hear you're under the weather. You've only just recovered haven't you? Hope you shake it off quickly.

I've got pictures of the bendy trees (the kids used to call them that and our family knows exactly where I'm going when I tell them I'm running there!) but not so sure of the chapel. It's just basically a crucifix in a clearing on the edge of the woods. There used to be a whole load of chapels in the area, some Bavarian Duke was very religious, built them all and liked strolling around, meditating from one to the next. Most of them have gone, but they've put up little plaques and set up walks in the area. Its a great place to run because it's completely flat (unusual in Bavaria!).

Sounds wonderful JaySee, I'm so pleased you're enjoying the running. A beautiful route too which definitely helps :) Youre doing so well to have run that distance, good for you... Post grad runs must suit you ;) x

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Running-scared

Good luck with your graduation run tomorrow. Then we'll see if postgrad runs also suit you!


Sounds absolutely lovely :)


Sounds lovely. I know Munich pretty well. My husband's sister lived there for years (although she has now moved back to the UK) so we would visit at least once a year. Beautiful part of the world. Lake swimming!!

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