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w4 r1


Started week 4 this morning and boy was this the hardest one yet. Felt like i was gonna die on the final run, but didnt stop jogging although it felt like i was running backwards.... on another note my trousers that i alway use when jogging started falling down in this run, what a motivation that was to keep going. Anyway onwards to run 2 on wednesday.

Happy Jogging people xx

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Well done :)

Had to laugh at the pants thing though, sorry hahaha x

SciFi1881Graduate in reply to vickyb5277

Had to tie them up during the walk

vickyb5277 in reply to SciFi1881

Hahaha omg but what an amazing feeling for you!!

I've just bought a pink hi vis running jacket, just the thin shower proof ones & it's a tad snug round my belly/hips/bum so I'm going to use that as my guide. When it starts looking & feeling looser I'll know I'm doing something right lol

Well done again x

SciFi1881Graduate in reply to vickyb5277

It sure was x


You'll be needing to get smaller clothes entirely soon! Well done bruv xx

SciFi1881Graduate in reply to Hidden

Exactly lol x


W4 has been the hardest week for me so far. Today I managed to run for 20 minutes and it felt easier than any of my runs in W4! You can do it. Good luck! :)

SciFi1881Graduate in reply to Shivani05

thank you x


Well done for not stopping- especially with the wardrobe malfunction along the way!

It's the 'slow' bit that is so important- someone even suggested to me that running on the spot to complete a section would be better than stopping, so, just remember to slow when you are struggling to pull that extra bit out of your reserves.

Hope you can sort the trouser situation ;)

SciFi1881Graduate in reply to jt24

That was easy I just had to tie them up give it a few weeks I'll have to get another pair I hope


Well done.. keep up the hard work and the trousers :) still can't believe I'm making it through the weeks.. but somehow these old bones getting me there.. slowly but already looking forward to last run of week 4 .. you can do it :)

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