W4 R1 complete

W4 R1 complete

Yipppe I done it. I woke this morning thinking should I shouldn't I, still feeling a little achy. Decided to have some weetabix then set off an hour later. I started off very well. I'm sure my pace was quicker but I won't be able to know that until my new garmin 15 comes tomorrow ;-) (excited much). can not believe I ran a whole 5 minutes when just 4 weeks ago I struggled to run 60 seconds ;-) I planned my route perfectly so I could run first 3 and 5 minute runs downhill and on the flat, my last 5 minutes was tough but I was determined not to stop. Hope you like my picture of the perfect running weather and route ;-)


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  • Well done ;)

    Just being on week 2, week 4 and its running for 5 minutes still seems a bit daunting lol :)

  • Thank you ;-)

    That's what I thought at W2 and especially at W3 but trust me somehow this program sets you up for it without you evening knowing it ;-)

    You will be just fine. If I can do it anyone can. ;-)

  • Thanks.

    That looks like a nice place for a run. As I progress I'll have to put more thought into my route. Trouble is whichever way I go it's hilly :(

    When your Garmin comes, feel free to add me on Garmin Connect - Peter_B_78

  • Thank you, it's a lovely place to run. Horses in fields and lovely country cottages to nose at well if they leave their curtains open ha ha. I used to run a different route but as I was suffering from a painful knee decided to change my route as uphill running I'm the early days is not for me or my knee. Since changing route no pain from my knee whatsoever. Although new running trainers after having my gait analysed has helped too.

    I will sure connect with you once it arrived tomorrow ;-)

  • Good for you Belinda!!!! Bit of forward planning, a fair wind and the sails set fair, all made for a successful run. Don't know what I'm on about. Land lubber me! LOL

    That looks a nice leafy lane, just made for you to run down!

    Keep up the good work. Do take care, go steady.

    Garmin! Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh show us it!

  • Well done Belinda :0) - great feeling isn't it. That last run is hard isn't it. Yesterday I found a post I had written on another forum 3 years ago, about running the first run of Week 4. I didn't think I had got that far before. I hadn't been able to complete that last 5 minute run and I am pretty sure I didn't carry on. I did find out later on that year that I was very anaemic so that probably had a lot to do with my energy levels. I will let you know how I feel after tomorrow's run!

  • Thank you runningknitter, that last run was tough, it certainly tests every inch of you mentally ;-)

    Sometimes when we start things it's just not meant to be for one reason or another.

    You've done really well and your now pass the bit where you stopped on your precious attempt. That tells me you will do it and you will graduate with no problem.

    I will be waiting to see how you get on tomorrow, my next run is Thursday after work ;-)

  • I've learnt quickly, that forward planning is the way forward. Or I bed up stuck miles away from home or all uphill running. Which I've decided is not for me at this stage.

    I will post a picture tomorrow when it arrives. ;-)

  • Looks a lovely place for a run, and nice cooling rain as well. Just how I like it. Sounds as if you are making good progress and building up your stamina nicely. Well done. I should be getting a Garmin tomorrow as well, Spoonie made me !

  • Thank you. Go you, I'm waiting for that parcel man tomorrow. I'll have the door open ready ha ha :-)

    Doesn't take me a lot of encouragement to spend money ha ha

  • Ah brill - good for you and well done :)

  • Thank you ejbirdy ;-) how's the running coming along after graduation? How do you keep motivated without the program and Laura? :-)

  • Well graduation was yesterday so I'm not running now until thurs when I'm in France.

    I'm planning on the 10% challenge on time or distance - probably distance :)

  • Oh yes I remember your post now. That will be ace running in France. I'm off to Egypt in October so planning to run while I'm out there too :-) along the beaches.

    What's the 10% challenge? Just getting ideas to keep me motivated once I graduate ha ha ;-)

  • Oh nice - well the idea is to do 10% longer time (so 33mins x 3) or distance - so in my case 4.5K

    Then go up again :)

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