W4 R1....failure! Sob!!

Sob! Was doing so well till today....attempted Wk4 R1....got through the 3min run and short walk and then gave the 5min run a go...and failed!! My legs felt so tired and I felt so out of breath that I stopped after about 4minutes and almost cried!! All I wanted to do was jump off the treadmill and run home and hide in shame....But I was determined that I would finish the podcast so I power walked till I got my breath back, did the second 3 min run and was too chicken to attempt the second 5 min run in case I failed yet again! SOB!! I SOOOO wanted to do it...Feel like a miserable fat failure now..


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10 Replies

  • so, you can run for 3 minutes. Remember when you couldn't run even that long? :) Give yourself a massive pat on the back for getting this far, try not to worry about the 5 minute thing, and have a go another day.

    Also, if you're out of breath, slow down, then slow down even more.

    I'm only a little bit further along in this journey than you are, but I promise you it is possible to do the 5 minutes. Also, maybe just walk rather than power walk your breaks, give yourself a bit more of a chance to get your breath back.

  • PurplePeril is right - slow, slow walk inbetween runs don't worry about powerwalking - get your heartbeat down and try again running slowly. You ran 3 min, 4mins and 3 mins! This is a incremental journey about getting healthier and you are doing that. You are getting stronger everytime you run and I'm sure you will run five minutes next time. Good luck and keep blogging.

  • Hah!! I know I shouldn't have but it was a mental stumbling block that I needed to overcome and I knew if I left it for a couple of days, the insecurities and doubt will only increase.....so having come home (sad and feeling like a failure! Picture me laying on sofa with back of wrist over my eyes and other arm trailing on floor!) I thought S*d this!! I have to walk the dogs anyway so I'll kill two birds with one stone!

    I went into the woods near my house (as opposed to the gym where I have been doing all my runs till now!) and pressed play on Wk4 R1!! Did the 3min run, did the short walk SLOWER than normal, then did the 5mins run!! Yayy!!! I have a dodgy ankle so was very focused on looking at the ground to avoid dips which may trip me up....and before I knew it, Laura was telling me to walk again!! Woohoo!! I can run for 5 mins (although it was more a glorified power walk/jog if truth be known!)

    I managed the 3 mins run but the home stretch was slightly uphill and I could only manage 3 mins into the last 5 mins run in this sweltering heat of 25C outside! I finished the cool down walk and thought, I set out to do two 5 mins run and by golly, I'm going to do it....so I jogged the last 5 mins back to the car!!

    I know, I know, I shouldn't have done it and I will probably pay for it tomorrow but I needed to show myself that I CAN do it or else by Wednesday, my sense of failure would have festered and eaten away at me!

    BUT I DID IT!!! Woop woop!!

    ...now if I can just crawl up the stairs on all fours and jump in the shower, I'll be good to go!

  • yay!! I'm so pleased for you!

    I know what you mean, sometimes we just need to deviate from the plan a bit in order to either give ourselves a break, or to get over some sort of hurdle.

  • Well done! So no more Scarlett O'Hara impressions on the sofa ...

  • Hahaha! Come to think of it, it really was a Scarlett moment! Am going to pay for the double runs though so am stretching regularly.....getting up off the toilet first thing tomorrow morning should be fun, eh??!

  • Well done you - I would probably have done the same and had the second go at it. Just do lots of stretches and if your body tells you that you need an extra days rest, listen to it !

    Hope you get off the toilet ok ! I do sympathise - I did a long run yesterday and my hips were quite sore this morning - I was so relieved that my little motorcycle kick-started into life quite quickly and that it has a low seat height so I could get my leg over without too much pain ! ;-)

  • That is BRILLIANT, you can be so proud of yourself. Enjoy your recovery time, and take it steady next time - you have come so far already.

  • Thanks, everyone! Will try not to have a sulk fest next time things don't go to plan! x

  • I think sometimes you need a good sulk to get it out of your system so you can start fresh again. :)

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