Week 8 in the bag - happy days! :)

Hi everyone,

Well, that's better! The only changes to my run today were a new playlist of motivational tunes and some new running clothes hubby kindly treated me to yesterday!

The plan to change up the route and drive to a local park to run in went out of the window as I spent much of a precious Sunday morning wearing my new togs, but playing delay tactics and pontificating and generally getting on the family's nerves... Sweeping the already swept kitchen floor, interfering with my daughters homework that she is more than capable of doing without me etc etc etc... Think I was feeling a little nervous after my frustrating Run 2... ;)

With nothing left to delay me, and too much time wasted already... rather than waste more thinking about where new to run, I headed off canal-wards and in the recently neglected direction of swamp and locks as opposed to quiet marina.

Seemed to have a better rhythm from the off today and was pleased to see so many folks out walking, cycling, running... It felt good to share 'my' path and a welcome distraction to have to keep mouthing thank you's to passing walkers who stepped aside for me to run by, or move over to run on the grass for cyclists to pass me on the path. A nice slow and steady pace, breathing much more controlled today as I passed a tribe of ducks with their waddley bottoms lining up at the edge and taking turns to 'jump in' and a pair of swans feigning disinterest. Reaching the lock and pretty bridge long before halfway point, I decided, hey, today I'm going up and over! So, a HILL I climbed (well, a pretty steep incline on the bridge! ;)), back down the other side and onwards, past more locks, the boatyard and onwards and onwards... It's further than I've ever run before, not flat underfoot, and I knew I was losing track of time but wanted to just keep going. Sure enough Laura gave me my 5 minute warning and I was a long way from home. Turning swiftly, still running, I headed back up and over that 'hilly' bridge, past the locks and picked up a little speed. Tiring now, but I needed to make up as much time as I could on that last spurt of running, else it was a long cool down walk...

I was naughty today. Laura let me know my 28 minutes was done, but I didnt 'feel' done, I was having a nice run and didn't want to stop quite yet... I slowed my pace a little... Just to the next bridge I said to myself... At that bridge, I said to myself... Perhaps just to the next bridge... And on this conversation went - until Laura said I was done for today... I had run my 'cool down' time - shocking! I started my longer walk home, feeling most satisfied and like a wild, free, rule-breaking, red-faced midget :)

It was only an extra 5 minutes, at a very, very slow pace but now I know I can do week 9 for sure :) A fun run today, much better than the last :) No more running for me til Wednesday now, I will enjoy my rest days though and save up my energies for graduation week - eeeeeeeeeeek! :)

Sorry for the loooooooong post today. I fear I am a running bore... When it's been a good day :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend runs x


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14 Replies

  • That's great! An achievement to be proud of =] Well done for completing week 8, I'm just one run behind you. I thought about you and your post about run 2s the other day as my run 2 this morning was a challenge. Anyway good job again, can't wait to see your graduation post :) :) :)

  • Boo to run 2! Sorry it was a challenging one for you too, but very well done for getting it done! good luck with your last week 8 run, hope it's a fun one. Can't believe we're nearly 9-ers, scary! :)

  • A Great post. you little running rebel!!!

    What a super run you had and it is great to see other folk out there too, all enjoying it and acknowledging your achievements too!

    I love your descriptions.. from now on, ducks will, for me, always have waddley bottoms..priceless! The snooty swans too!

    Running up a hill and then running some more. So proud of you.. picked yourself up, dusted yourself down and went like the wind!!!!

    You post is super... so do not apologise for that!!! We are all running bores, ( me more than most :)) and it is fantastic!!!!

    Enjoy your rest days and save all that extra energy for a real Laura type, "...finish in style..." in Week 9!

    I will be watching!!! xxxx

  • Thanks Floss :) I don't think I've ever managed to finish in style a la Laura, but you never know... I could have my moment in week 9! Still resisting the urge to find out exactly how far I'm running and how slow, the wait is agonising, I'm keen to know how far off the magic 5k I am... But that will be my next challenge as a really real graduate ;). Hope you're well lovely Floss, look forward to reading your next run story x

  • We're all running bores and all looking out eagerly for each other's posts. Love your runs, I can almost see the canal and the waterfowl. I can also see you annoying your family, putting off your run and just getting on everyone's nerves because you're feeling guilty about not getting out, but worried the run will be a bad one. You'll smash W9 - you've already started it! And what's 2 mins extra? Graduation week beckons👍

  • Hi running-scared,

    not at all boring, that sounded like a great adventerous run and you were feeling confident and enjoying it. So pleased you have your mojo back. :) Week 9 holds no doubts now so enjoy your graduation week, starting Wednesday... after a lovely well deserved rest.

    Lovely piece of writing by the way... :)

  • Love post and very well done! It must be something in the air it was my 3rd run of week 8 too today and it did feel I could have carried on for longer so, I'm excited for week 9 rather than fearful.

    Good luck to us!

  • Well done to you! We're on for nice shiny badges around the same time. Go us indeed! :)

  • That's fab Catmay. I have just completed run 1 of week 9, the best run so far, I didn't want to overdo it, so stopped after 37 mins of running.

    Good luck for week 9, not long till graduation xx

  • Another great run. You're hurtling towards graduation now! My plan to swap to the canal today also went out the window due to running tonight instead of this morning. Too scary on the canal in the dark! No luck on the treadmill front as yet so won't get out for 8/3 until Friday but we'll still be March graduates together :)

  • Well done-a very sucessful run!you're doing great!lovely post too!😆

  • It's just so lovely reading all of your posts. I read them everyday and take such inspiration from you all. I completed wk 7 today so will watch you all graduate ahead of me. I think about the places old floss talks about when I run and will add the waddly bottomed Ducks and the fox between the houses! to my thoughts next time too.

  • Congratulations on completing Week 7, you're doing brilliantly! :) I love to read everyone's running stories too, this forum is great for inspiration, advice, a good old running rant and all sorts besides! I'm so pleased I found it as I'm not sure I'd still be doing the programme if I hadnt. Loved Yam's fox post too, and all of Floss's beautiful run tales keep me going on my runs too :) good luck with week 8, you'll sail through x

  • Aww thank you, you too and I look forward to reading your next lovely post

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