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W6 R2 In The Bag- Awesome

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Wow! After the disappointment of my last run, today was ace.

I've just dragged myself out of bed at 05:30 on a Saturday to go running.

[OMG what's happened to me?!?]

The last of the interval runs, done.

The first run went pretty well, the usual aches and niggles faded halfway through.

The second run was an absolute blast. For reasons unknown, I really enjoyed it.

I wasn't even aware of the physical side of running. I wasn't thinking about time counting down, it was just fun.

I've got more of a buzz today than I even had on w5r3- I think that run felt good because it was a success of mind over matter.

Today there were no gremlins whatsoever. An epiphany.

Onwards, upwards. Have a great one :)

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What has happened to you is you are well and truly a runner, plus,plus, plus, getting out there early is the best thing ever!

I did all my Graduation runs early mornings, all though to the week before Christmas, ( lots of it in the dark too) .I still run three times a week mostly ( IC and weather permitting, all early mornings.

I feel, you can just, as you say, let your mind run free, along with your feet, just enjoying the act of running and not hampered by any thoughts of anything!! Sets me up for the whole day!

Very well done. I shall watch for your next post :)

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss . Next run pencilled in for Bank Holiday Monday, 05:30.

Never in million years did I think I'd be saying stuff like that, just a month ago :)

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to 90ldfinch

Well done... great feeling isn't it!

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Congratulations! You're doing so well and obviously enjoying your running. Wish me luck for W5R3 later today. I'll keep you in mind when I'm flagging. 😁

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Talulah1984Graduate in reply to Hidden

I would wish you luck but the likelihood is you won't need it 😎

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Hidden

You'll do great Hidden . Of course I wish you good luck, but you've already done all the hard work yourself.

You've laid the foundations, and today you'll reap the benefits of passing a major milestone.

Go do it!

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This is fabulous finch, I think I had a taste of the epiphany on the first 8 minuter and it was such a high. This running lark does funny things to us, I ran on my lunch break the other day which may not sound like a big deal but when you work at RNLI HQ there are lots of what I used to call fitness freaks on site who make me feel health-inferior. But I'm starting to feel like one of them now!

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Talulah1984

Yes Talulah1984 , I can't believe how we're all changing for the better, just by committing half an hour here and there every week. :)

Indizulu profile image

Just in the door from the same run😄😄😄😄

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Indizulu

High-five! :)

Pushing60 profile image

Well done!

I'll be doing this tomorrow, hope I find it as enjoyable. I think running early in the morning is the best, but I only manage it at weekends.

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to Pushing60

Good luck (not that you need it) Pushing60 - I prefer the mornings too.

This run is a lot easier than the previous one- go and enjoy it. :)

melly4012 profile image

Brilliant!! I love those runs where the gremlins don't even get a chance. Shows your mental strength in not even noticing them!! Last of the interval runs done, scary thought! You're a real runner now!!

90ldfinch profile image
90ldfinchGraduate in reply to melly4012

Thanks melly4012 - and you're snapping at my heels! (not difficult at my pace). I used to need the intervals- no, I used to *pray* for the intervals, but I think you'll find they just get it the way, eventually. :)

poppypug profile image

Woo Hoo Finchy !!!

Well done ! This programme is the business isn't it ? Makes us do all sorts of things that we could never dreamed was possible :-)

Fab stuff ! You're doing great , keep going ! :-) xxx

90ldfinch profile image
90ldfinchGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thanks poppypug -yeah, you're right, it's brilliant. :)

If I can come onto this forum and rave on like a lunatic about how much I've enjoyed a 20 minute run, EVERYONE can do it. :)

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poppypugGraduate in reply to 90ldfinch

We all "get it " on here 90ldfinch , rave on ! :-) xxx

Wow 5:30! Don't think the gremlins were awake yet. It is a fab feeling to run with ease. All down to your hard work too.

Slow_Rob profile image

Well done, doesn't it feel so good on runs like that 😊

What an early start - you star! Well done ☺

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to goonkeepgoing

I hope that one day I'll catch a great sunrise, but it always just seems to be murky- ah well... :)

Well done, Finch! And congratulations, you have obviously become a running nut like the rest of us in here. Great!🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

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90ldfinchGraduate in reply to PippiRuns

I think it was bound to happen, thanks to you all. :)

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