Week 8 completed!

Feeling smug. I've gone through the program to where I am, just after my W8R3 without a stumble, and without any repeating of runs or weeks. Today's run was good, though I did think at the start that it didn't feel I had the same natural (if slow to many) pace. Turns out that I must have had, since my average pace was 7:04 compared with 7:01/Km on Wednesday. I felt like I still had some gas in the tank at the end of the run, and went on to run for 30 minutes, so I'm feeling excited and confident about next week. I also ran for more than four and a quarter Km, which really makes me feel that the 5K is much more achievable than it felt not that long ago.

Legs feel pretty good, too.

Oh, and it was just that little more special today, because I was running under an eclipse!

My run today - connect.garmin.com/modern/a...

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  • Wowee well done !!!

  • Thanks, Op! :)

  • Well done Steve ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well done Steve. Your Graduation day is almost here! It seems to take no time at all from couch to 5k does it. Glad you're still so enthusiatic. That's half the battle!

    Take care on your runs! You need to finish this, so take care. Gently does it. I was looking at the eclipse this morning, albeit through clouds, but it was deffo happening. What a backdrop to run too. It made me think about what our prehistoric ancestors must have made of it. I bet they were fearful of it. You can see why they would be. It's really quite wierd.

  • I promise, I am taking care. I won't run further or faster than is comfortable, but it's gratifying that my capacity to run is improving so noticably!

  • ... and it will continue to do so. Each run makes you stronger, each rest day builds those running legs. Walking, cycling, swimming are all good too. I like doing exercise DVD's at home and I swear they've helped me get stronger and helped with lung power and stamina.

    I love my running life now and I am so energised whereas before I was so heavy and unfit. Packing up the drink was a turning point for me, then losing a ton of weight and starting running. We can really turn ourselves round if we have the will. It's surprising just how deep we can dig when we need to. We're made of girders if we did but know it!

    I'm sure that running is making you a happier, more positive person. Good luck with your next few runs. Enjoy them as your road to C25k is nearly complete. Then begins the next chapter .........

  • Fantastic! Only a few more runs to go now :) Downhill all the way.

    Did it get really dark during the Lunar Eclipse where you are? Must have been magical :)

  • No, it just got a little gloomy. The clouds had parted for it, though. It did get noticably colder, though!

  • Top running mate, well done!

  • Thanks!

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