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W6R3 - it's in the bag!!

Left home at 6.45 this morning as my running buddy's children are back to school today. It was sunny but chilly with a heavy dew still on the grass. I'd mapped out a route on that I thought would take 25 minutes and once the five minute warm up was completed I was off (my buddies were on W3R1 today and stay running round the village green). I quickly got into my stride and started on my new route. Laura popped up 5 mins and then was quiet. I started to think surely I've done another five mins, where are you Laura?? Then she said I'd completed 12.5mins and was half way. I was back in familiar territory and I knew that the next bit of the run was 8mins. All of a sudden there was Laura with the 60 second call, and I knew I was going to make it - and I did!!!!

Week Seven here I come!

Magicdragon and DeliaItaly - good luck today!!

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well done carolinew, you're a star


i broke my wrist this morning and have just come back from er. arm in plaster. gutted. guess that's that. but well done and good luck magicdragon


OH no, ouch, sorry to hear that Delia, hope you start feeling more like it soon, The programme will be there when you're ready to get back to it. All is not lost.


oh no - im so sorry - how did you do that? How long will you not be able to run, did they say?


tripped over getting out of bed would you believe? plaster comes off on october 5th - as i said, i'm gutted


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