W3R3 - In the bag

I was shouting at myself today rather than Laura during the second of the 3 minute sessions, "Run you fat old b*stard, run" and it worked, I got there.

I'm rather pleased with week 3. I was apprehensive at the start of the week but I've had a consistent pace (within 20 secs/km across all runs), a personal best pace on Wednesday and I feel like I'm finally making some improvements.

It's all good. Have a great weekend everyone.


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  • Well done Chewy! That made me chuckle, sounds like what I have to do to keep going sometimes :D

    Best of luck with week 4!

  • I tell my internal voice to shut up & stop whinging, the things we find ourselves doing... Glad that you are making progress & feeling it too Chewy, another week in the bag. :-)

  • Another one down Chewy. I have a wonderful mental image of you yelling at yourself. I shall use it on my next run, lol.

  • Thank you all for the kind comments. I think it must have been the distraction from the pain in my legs that I caused by grumbling at myself, but it worked and if it makes you guys chuckle that's twice as good.


  • Chuckling here too, Chewy. At least you weren't grouching at Laura, I often do (I'm ashamed to say). You SHOULD be pleased with yourself, sounds like you made great progress in week 3.

    I'm kind of wishing now that I'd kept a proper record of my runs - pace etc, just roughly know the distances and which route I did each run. I haven't a clue what my PB might be!!!! Probably better not to know, in my case.

    Have a great weekend yourself.

  • I confess that best for me is not a pace that I would hold up for inspection, my best is not at all quick but it gives me something to aim at and to encourage me.

  • Well done Chewy.Its Friday and you can enjoy that drink or two and know that you really deserve it. Have a good weekend

  • Cheers Newstart, you're right, I reckon I've earned that beer.

  • Well done Chewy, great stuff. Glad to know I'm not the only one who chunters to myself all the way around! Always giving myself a proverbial kick up the backside!! Looking forward to making it through week 4 with you. Enjoy your weekend!!

  • Thanks Fraz, I've had a sneak preview of next week which starts with Laura telling us it's getting more serious, she's not kidding.... But let's see what we can do ;)

  • I love reading your humorous blogs chewy! You are getting there! I keep telling myself I can't do this at 49 years of age. Then I look around and I'm the only grey haired person on the track. I will show all those young whipper-snappers! You are making great progress, keep it up and have a well deserved beer.

  • Thanks Gdeann, we may be getting older, we might not be as fast as we once were but we're not dead yet !

  • Don't despair. I see lots of others in the park who are obviously the wrong side of my 51 years. And we can do it!! Keep going gdeann.

  • Just a post-back after yours on my blog. Thanks for all the encouragement. And good luck with Week 4.

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