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Week 7 Run 2 - In the bag

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My W7R1 was a bit of a snails pace much more than normal and I was not very happy but at the same time pleased that I did a 2nd x 25 minute. So I started to read "how to improve my pace".

Then I started thinking about our mantra of slow and steady and thinking about whether I wanted a fast time for 15 minutes and fail to do the 25 or whether I wanted to do the 25. So this morning I decided on slow and steady again.

To my surprise my pace was actually back at what it normally was and when I tried to slow down ... I couldn't I just seemed to settle at that pace again! Well until the last 10 minutes which were tough as usual ... but most of that was on a slight incline.

Still another one in the bag, a little bit fitter than last time and stamina increasing every run. Next run going back to the flat and try and have a comfortable 25 mins.

So happy I started this. Keep running everyone.

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Nicely done, and what a great report of your run.

I'm loving this new running thing, though people who know me are pretty surprised I think, I am not known for my level of fitness!

When are you doing W7R3 then? I'm planning mine for Friday if my legs will handle it.

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Richard7Graduate in reply to

Friday morning ... I am finding that if I don't try to stick to M/W/F then it gets confusing around the weekend! Also gives me a buffer if the weather is awful to go over to Saturday.

As you say you begin to love it ... I am looking forward to the runs more with enthusiasm than before where it was fear!

Go for it Friday ... see you back here ;)

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Yes indeed! Though the weather is questionable, may have to defer till Saturday.

Hope your Friday session goes well and you don't RUN into any problems... (sorry, can't help it!!)

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Jan-52Graduate in reply to Richard7

Richard good luck for today, I just completed the last run of week 7 !!

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Jan-52Graduate in reply to

Me too Neil !!! Same run Friday ! Hope the weather is kind to us!

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Stay slow! You can up the pace when your running legs are built which is not after 7 weeks

Please take care. It's not about being quick, it's about finishing the sessions 🙂🏃👍✔️

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Richard7Graduate in reply to misswobble

Yep I know :) that's what I told myself ... I could hear everyone in the forum shouting at me to take it slow and steady :) ... to be fair my previous pace was still pretty slow. I think I took Monday's run ultra slow because it was a new route ... but yep ... all thoughts of being able to overtake the tortoise out of the window until after week 9 :) - Thanks

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Isn't it amazing how the stamina builds after each run? I've been thinking a lot about that and agree that the pace picks up, just after a really tough run. Really pleased that you've found what sounds to be your happy pace so go out and enjoy the last run of Week 7....😀

Oh and I totally agree with you about M,W and F so will be thinking of you on Friday, whatever the weather, I'll be running!

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You will have all the time in the world to build up pace when you graduate and start running further, running longer. It's actually slow running that builds leg strength. So, even at a snail's pace you are doing the leg work, laying the foundations as it were. It's great fun too!


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Well done Richard!!! , I did the same run this morning ! I struggled with the heat and just had to stop at 24 mins. Pace is better also can't wait for run 3 ! Am sure it will be fine after this the 3rd X 25 mins. We are doing it !! Really loving it !!! Keep calling myself a runner is !! 😉

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Richard7Graduate in reply to Jan-52

Instant reaction ... heat ... what heat! But I looked at your profile and understand! Over here for me it is dodging the rain and wind ... no real heat to speak of!

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So glad to read this! Well done! I have been putting off my first w7 run because of fear of failure! I managed my last 25 mins but was exhausted at the end. Think I was passed by a snail or 2 as well! I am determined to keep going. Well done you!

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Richard7Graduate in reply to Br0ughd3rg

Enjoy the rest days but don’t put it off for too long. You have done the run already and the last one will make your legs even more ready for this one. Don’t worry about the snails you will find your comfortable pace!

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Br0ughd3rgGraduate in reply to Richard7

Thank you. Pace wise it is hard when u see people going so much faster but i know in my head to go faster would result in failure. Intending to do IT on Friday. Fingers crossed and good old dogged determination shall be called into play. Ran on Tuesday evening with a local group but didn't attempt the big 25mins non stop.

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