Gaduation badge February 2016

Hi there

Congratulations on your graduation. Please leave your username here for me or OlsBean so we can organise your well deserved graduation badge. we will try not to leave you waiting too long as we know how great they feel when they arrive.

I would like to clarify the position of earning your graduation badge. To get your badge you will of completed the full training podcasts and be able to run for 30 min. It does NOT matter if you can not run 5km, you are a graduate after running 30 min for three times.

So it is fair to everybody please do not ask for your badge until you have completed week 9 run 3.

Realfoodieclub and OlsBean


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26 Replies

  • Sharon1978 how can I get my c210k badge I completed c25k for the second time back in February 15 and did my 1st 10 in April. 1st half in November too ;-) thanks

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi I am chuffed to have graduated! and completed week9 of program and am determined to keep up my three runs a week. I never thought I would be able to run for 30 mins with no stopping but with support from Laura and the community I kept focuses. I am no running gazelle but I'm really enjoying it and think I've caught the running bug! Thank you to everyone x

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi guys! I've completed my week 9 final run this evening! Thanks so much for all the support of the forum and my running buddy Saul. It's been a completely amazing experience. I'm looking forward to just running because I can.

    Elsie xxx

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi Folks, finishing and graduating a few minutes behind running bud Elsie.

    I have duly completed my Dr's prescription please use for the 30 mins once a day, three times a week for 9 weeks and have now Graduated... :) :) :) .

    Lovely forum and lovely people..Love the support and the family feeling.

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hiya! I finished the program today and would love to show off a shiny new badge. Thanks!!

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi i completed the programme last friday- did my first run post programme yesterday and it was my quickest yet :) Just got to keep it up now!!

  • Congratulations well done.

  • Hi, I finally finished the program this morning! At last, it's been over two years, with plenty of time on the injury couch but I've learned to listen to my body, be satisfied with what I can do (nope, still can't do 5k in 30 mins) and I'm really enjoying running. I haven't posted for quite a while but just reading has been an inspiration. Thanks everyone - looking forward to getting my graduation badge!

    Andy x

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi I have completed my W9R3 - did 3.7 miles in 30 minutes! Taken me more than 9 weeks with snow, ice and Shetland gales to avoid meaning 3 runs a week was rare but ...... Whisper it..... I enjoy running now. I am looking forward to spring and lighter mornings and evenings! I couldn't imagine achieving this after W1R1 and now I am looking forward to getting out more often with less weather breaks each week!

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Just got back from completing week nine. Feels great. Amazing advice and support from this forum. Thank you everyone. Will be carrying on my 3 weekly runs and increasing the distance. Also plan to enter some park runs in coming weeks.

  • So sorry for the delay. Congratulations and well done

  • Not a big poster but have completed the 9 weeks today! I put a pair of trainers on the 4th of January and have got up every second day thru rain, gale force winds, snow, ice and occasionally dry sunny days! I'm hoping to do my first parkrun on Saturday. I think I might actually like running!

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Have just completed W9 run 3.

    All done on treadmill and still a long way from 5k in 30 minutes.

    However that I can now "jog" for 30 minutes is in itself a position I didn't think possible a few months ago...

  • Congratulations and well done

  • I've just finished the plan, can I have my badge please? :)

  • Congratulations and well done

  • Hi there, I finished the plan today, hooray! Feeling very accomplished! My next aim is to get to 5k. Nx

  • Congratulations and well done

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