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Bloomin' weather!

Now don't get me wrong, I can't run if it's too warm but it really is time it stopped raining! A look at the weather forecast for Churchdown today told me it was going to be light rain early on, getting worse as the day went on. I really would have rather spent the last morning of the school holidays lounging around in bed, but my very sensible husband encouraged me to get out of bed and get on with it while it was only raining lightly! All very sensible. However after my 5 minute warm up walk, the rain began to fall harder, with the wind blowing straight into my face. Horrible! But I am feeling very good about myself. Did I give up straight away and go back home? No I didn't. Did I stop after 5K? No I didn't. Did I manage to do the 4 miles I had promised myself? YES I did. Despite my head telling me it would be so much more sensible to go home after 5K. A definite triumph of determination over mind gremlins. First run of 2016 done. Happy New Year everyone!

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Well done! I love rain running but not the sort that blows in your face like that...

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Brilliant, sounds amazing and...sounds exactly like my run this morning... (have not posted yet...just got out of wonderful hot shower)!

Am wondering about the encouraging husband bit..mine..exactly like yours.. " it's not raining... just get out there before it starts.." Hmmmm! He was still in bed when I got back!!!!

But... ain't it a great feeling when you get home after the run? Very well done you.. Happy New Year!

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