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A cheeky run -Naughty but nice!

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I'm really not supposed to be running because of a chest infection. Antibiotics all finished but still don't feel exactly right. However..... Daughter no. 1 has started c25k w1 but is running far too fast, so I said I'd just do the warm up walk with her and run one 1 minute interval to help her judge her pace. After being off running for 2 weeks it felt sooooo lovely to get the beautiful ugly shoes on and set off. Warm up walk finished, we set off for the first one minute interval. It felt wonderful. I have missed running so much, I can't tell you. After 1 minute I was supposed to be sensible and go straight home and leave daughter to it but, you've guessed it, I felt she needed just a little more help (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!) so I did the next run interval with her then turned round and, of course, ran home. I didn't run for very long, honest, but it was fab, it was easy and it felt really good. Hope I haven't pushed any remaining germs even further down into my lungs but I just couldn't help myself. Sometimes you've just got to do it. :)

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I think it is a case of what feels right at the time. I was laid up for 2 weeks with a chest infection and had to have a second course of antibiotics. I used the bike for the first bit of exercise as it's easier than running - and I prefer the bike if I'm really honest, anyway. I've since done 3 runs using Sam Murphy's B210K (although I only do part of the podcast) and I'm building up my stamina again after a 2 week lay-off. I'll carry on exercising now but running will only be a small part of it. Good luck with building up again after the chest infection, take it steady and just listen to your body. Cheers.

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Cheers Fitmo, you can be my chest infection guru, like KittyKat is my knee guru. Shouldn't really have run cos there's still gunk on my chest, cos I keep coughing it up. (I know, sorry, way too much information!!) but I'll probably go for another short run Thursday or Friday if i don't suffer any bad effects from today. So pleased you're working your way back to fitness again be it with running or cycling. :)

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I wouldn't say it's too much info at all. It's what chest infections do. Better to cough it up than have it cause severe discomfort on the chest. Hope you are soon fully recovered. Cheers.

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Good to see you back Fitmo. Best wishes for your new regime

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Thank you.

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If your lungs didn't scream at you I would say you are just about sorted. Listen to your body, take it nice and easy. Joining your daughter for another outing will do you no harm so long as there is no stress when breathing. Well done on getting her motivated too.

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Cheers Oldgirl. Taking it easy and building up again slowly is my plan. Much as I'd love to, I don't think I'll be running with my daughter very often. Her legs are so much longer than mine and her pace is naturally so much faster that I suspect we'd each be a hindrance to the other ( or, more likely, she'd just leave me for dust in a couple of weeks time! ) Such a shame, but I'm so proud of her for starting c25k

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How very mischievous of you, with your naughty run, GM! Bet it was brilliant to be out there running though, after being sidelined for a while. :-( Really hope you're running again properly soon. And good luck to your daughter for her C25K!

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Thank you M_Y m'dear. Have been buzzing all day and I only ran for about 5minutes!! Just the fact that I could and I did made me so happy *does quick Pharrell Williams impersonation round kitchen* :) :) :)

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Do you have a great big mahoosive hat on, like Pharrell? Mind, that's nowt compared to Lorde's hat on The One Show just now! Really glad you enjoyed your run!

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Oooooohhhh. Naughty naughty :O :O :O :O

You go AM :D

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AncientMumGraduate in reply to runner56

It was naughty but nice!! Oh wait a minute, that's chocolate isn't it. :)

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Hahaha like it :) All we need is chocolate Tubigrip and you can rationalise both guru-ing jobs into one :)

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