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W8 R1 my worst run ever

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As you might know from recent posts, I am not feeling 100% at the moment, but am sticking to the programme because I will use any excuse to get out of doing anything, so being firm with myself off I go to run club.

No turn outs - too wet ahhhh! Now too late in the day to do my butterfly run, so do the quick local one. Always good to have a back up!

No iPod, sorry Laura, strange running without you, didn't want to risk it getting dropped in a puddle!

No run mates, just me to listen to my breathing, my footfalls!

5 minute warm up walk and I develop a bad headache, put it down to excuses get on with it!

5 minutes running and cannot get the breathing right think it was worse because I can hear it! Almost turn back home, am furious with myself, give myself a huge kick up the rear and get on with it!

Going quite well the rain is now easing off I am not getting splatted by traffic, thank you. I can see the half way point yay.

Turn around to run back, am quite pleased with how this is turning out, have had to slow down a little as the route out was a steeper incline than I was led to believe (or it felt like it), was going to cut the corner and therefore cut out the bit of a hill, another swift kick and up the hill I go! The only benefit to running uphill is the reward on the other side (downhill you go) breathing fine legs fine all is well with the world, turn a corner into raucous teenage girls fuelled up on whatever was making them idiots, haha I get the last laugh as they chase after me to have to give up out of breath ha! Make it home and the run wasn't actually too bad, definitely my worst but still ran 30 minutes and 2x 5 minute warm up walks just over 5K absolutely soaked and now of course it has stopped raining!

groan and roll on Wednesday, running with support is definitely easier, but look we have made all this progress that we can also do it on our own :-)

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Well done - good for you for sticking with it. Love the fact that you outran the teenagers - you never know you may even have inspired one of them to take up running in the future!!!!

Give yourself a large pat on the back - you did great!

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tor41Graduate in reply to unfitmum

Thank you, you never know, would like to think I gave someone some inspiration :-)

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Sounds like a really good run, well done ! And hahahaha at the daft teenagers ;-)

I remember being horrified by the sound of my breathing the first time I ran without music or Laura - to be honest, I still sound like a zombie horde when I really push myself...

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tor41Graduate in reply to sfb350

Thank you, the breathing does sort itself out ...eventually it just sounds really really bad until it does :-)

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Well done. I love downhills too (but hate the ups!)

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tor41Graduate in reply to Plinth

Thank you, I find it funny, you have to slow down when you are running down hill (well I do or I would fall over) it is definitely easier than running up:-)

Good to read your post tor and well done for not giving up.

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tor41Graduate in reply to runningnotwalking

Thank you it is hard work but worth it :-) Happy running

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Hey tor41, I had my first flunker yesterday. W8R2.

Started out hard, determined -- well, a bit too hard, so after only a km I was spent. My breathing is also my tough challenge, legs pretty well take care of themselves. So I always try to slightly hyperventilate, that is, get my breathing (strong exhale) ahead of the exhaustion curve. With Laura and music-I-hate in my ears, I don't hear my puffing steam engine and foot flaps, like you did.

But yesterday I quit. Then I tried to start up again, got a half km along and thought, you know, this isn't working. So I went home, dejected. Told myself, everyone has a day like this sooner or later, and mine arrived in week 8. I should be so lucky!

Good news: today I went out early in the morning and just told myself it was all about saving face, recouping losses, following Laura's encouragement that it is about km, not speed. And after a little longer than usual (nerves?) I found my rhythm and the 28 minutes slid by, no problem. THANK GOODNESS! And thanks to Laura.

But I am in awe of you, having the toughness to keep going w/o audio, w/hills, w/teenage gawkers. Good on ya! And yes, you are a big inspiration. Thanks for posting. Hope your skies and track dry up for next time.

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tor41Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you, glad you had a very much improved 2nd try at it, it is great when it goes well, happy running :-)

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Hidden

Just to say that I'm a Joni Mitchell fan too!

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