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Cto5k+ Stepping Stone FAIL!! (Or washout, given the recent weather)

Really struggling this week. As you may know, I graduated last week, which was a big personal achievement for me. But on Monday I bravely (or foolishly) attempted the Speed podcast: I sort of got to the end of the podcast, walking and stumbling most of the way through. Lots of you were very encouraging (big thank you!), which is why I'm sort of reaching out for some more advice and support, please, as this morning's run was even worse....!

So. This morning, dragged myself out of bed at 6, out of the door by 6.30, reveling in the fact that it wasn't raining (amazing, I know!) and prepared to be a little more realistic with my runs by opting for the Stepping Stone podcast as someone on here suggested. Oh dear! Once again, I could barely keep up with the brisk warm up walk. And then for the run. Well. I tried valiantly. I did. For the first ten minutes at least, and then I REALLY started struggling, I think psychologically more than anything. At the 15 minute mark I suddenly stopped - I didn't intend to, but my brain seemed to have had enough and rebelliously sent a message to my legs to stop this 150 bpm running lark and slow down to a rather feeble walk (I tell you, the French have nothing on my brain when it comes to spontaneous strikes). I'm trying to tell myself that at least I managed 10 or 15 minutes, and at least it wasn't raining....but in honesty I'm feeling increasingly disheartened. Is anyone else struggling post-graduation?

Someone on here suggested redoing the Cto5k program, but jogging slowly through the walking sections and upping the pace for the running bits. So I'll give that a go next. But first I feel I really need to get another 30 minute run, however slow, under my belt just to prove to myself that my graduation wasn't a complete fluke and I'm not a total failure.

Oh, but did I mention...? IT'S NOT RAINING!!!

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Sorry to hear that you feel a bit despondent, remember that you only graduated last week, so I assume 10weeks ago you couldn't run. What an achievement. :-)

I would recommend getting a little mileage under the belt at your normal pace, reconnecting with the enjoyment of running and then look to set a new goal, the pace of these podcasts maybe to much just now but will be achievable.

So what next, some thoughts:

Run for 30 minutes a few more times, either to your own music (definately recommend this) or return to the podcasts of any week and mix up the pace.

Try a new route, go explore.

Add in some cross training, e.g. swimming, walking

Don't forget how far you have come :-) :-)


Thanks! All good tips. Yeah I'll try some more 30minute runs at my normal pace and see how I get on. Thanks for the advice - much appreciated!


Everything Phil said!

I graduated a couple of months ago and have also been finding the C25K+ podcasts tough though I really like the speed one despite it being hard. I have yet to complete a Stepping Stone or Stamina one! Pushing yourself to run at faster than your natural cadence is hard work and just because the total time is no longer than Week doesn't mean it isn't a significant step up.

I think it would be a good idea to consolidate the hard work you have already put in. I spent a few weeks just redoing week 9 for the joy of being able to run for 30 minutes. Maybe you could do a week 9 run or two with or without Laura at your own pace to prove to yourself that you can still do it. If you like intervals starting week 1 with jog/run rather than walk/jog could be fun. That's the main thing - you need to have fun. If you're anything like me you couldn't run for 1min 10 weeks ago so why would you be despondent that you only managed 15 mins while running much faster than ever before!

You've done brilliantly and come a long way but it's only the end of the begining!

Chin up, running shoes on, smile! You're a runner - you weren't that 3 months ago. :-)


Thanks, pingle! Right then. I am determined to carry on - and improve. So I think as you and Phil72 suggested I'm going to do a few more 30 minute runs. I'll try again tomorrow morning and let you all know how I get on. Cheers!


I have no suggestions ediththegeranium, I just wanted to jump in and say you have did amazingly well getting from the couch to graduating! You continue to be an inspiration to me!!!!


Aw, thanks, gdeann. You're doing so well too! I hope you finish week 8 in style and have great fun in week 9 ..... not long til graduation now! You can do it!!


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