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Hip pains

Obviously this isn't a medical forum or anything but since W7R3, I've had a niggly stiff pain in my right hip and wondered if anyone else suffered from similar?

I was fine during the W7R3 run but an hour or so afterwards and my hip began hurting when I walked. It's fine whilst sitting / laying down etc but it feels painful when I move around.

I took 3 days rest after that run and by the time I went out for my next run, the pain had all but gone. The Run was absolutely fine but when I got home that day, it came back.

Its been stiff ever since but I'm absolutely fine at running (running 28+ minutes every other day). The first minute or two is a bit akward and painful but after that, I'm fine and I don't feel the slightest discomfort. But as an example this morning, I got in from my run, showered, had breakfast, got dressed and drove to work. No pain.

Got out of my car at work and felt the stiff pain again. It only appears when I've been sat for half hour or more. As if my hip / muscles get settled in for a rest before I start moving again.

Any advice? I will get my GAIT checked this weekend to see if it's that that's causing the pain. Anything else I should look at in the mean time?

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Sounds like my kind of pain too.

I have put this down to pain in the piriformis muscle feels like its in the hip put its more in the muscle of my buttock.

I have had this for over a month. Doing the stretching excercise found on u tube.


Does the stretching exercise help?


I get hip pain when I don't do stretching exercises after running, so do them now without fail.


They do help. But I have learned to adjust my running to stop/ start. So I run till it hurts then I walk for 2 mins then run again, usually up to 10-15mins at a time, it does not hurt at all if you run downhill!


This is exactly what happened to me a few years ago and I have only just started running again! Please do not ignore the pain! Mine started off as a mere annoyance I could run through, but soon it made me stop exercising completely.

I was not doing any serious running—just 6k per session over 40 minutes about 4 times per week. I did this both in the gym and outside. I developed a dull pain after 10 minutes of running, stiffness and pain after sitting at my desk for a while that would alleviate after moving around for a bit, my knee on the same leg would sometimes give out (e.g. walking up stairs), and walking down stairs was when I noticed the pain the most.

I ended up seeing a couple of different NHS physios and I wish I knew then what I know now!

Everyone is different, so it is important that you figure out what works for you, but every runner who experiences hip pain after running can do with using a FOAM ROLLER. Google foam roller hip stretches and you will find LOTS of information—you have probably seen these in the gym but never knew what to do with them!

Tight hips caused by running are notoriously difficult to stretch so using one of the rollers helps immensely; the problem is that it is quite painful to do. I can testify that the more you do it, the more the pain eases. At first it will hurt, but it will keep the hip pain from getting worse and once you loosen the muscle the rolling should not hurt anymore.

My physio described the “injury” as a leaky faucet—it will drip and drip but at some point the pain will gush out so you have to be careful to nip the pain in the bud.

I just started trying to run again and I make sure that I use a foam roller after every run. So far so good!

At first the physio said it could be related to ITB syndrome and whilst this is probably true, being generally flexible has helped a lot. I found that doing back stretches also helped a lot because back injuries can refer pain down the hips. We have to think of our bodies as systems that affect each other rather than just their individual parts.


Thanks for your reply Karaseen, I'll take a look at the foam roller and see how that goes! I really don't fancy this pain getting much worse!


Thanks all! Hip pain was pretty non-existent this morning although I felt it whilst walking up hill on my warm up walk. It also felt a little tight as I started my run but after a minute or two, it dissapeared and I've not felt anywhere near as 'damaged' so far today so kinda hoping the stretching I done before and after have helped.

Would love to know what other stretches people do and for how long? Keen to know what to do and how to do it right!


Hi I have this hip pain too since running regularly, and on the days I'm at my desk I struggle to get up and am in agony. Two things helped me - first I was running on country lanes and because of the camber of the road my feet were often at different heights which was definitely making it worse. I started running in the middle of the road (risky I know!) which helped. Also I have recently been running on a treadmill more than the road and have found a massive difference - I think the cushioning on a treadmill must help reduce the stress on my hip. I haven't tried any stretches but did also find that longer cool down walks stopped it aching as much - I would walk for nearly 10 minutes and that really helped.

Hope it eases up for you soon.


Thanks for the tips. I pretty much run on pavements (although one road - aptly titled Ranmore) has no pavements, just grass verges so I run on the site of the road, on the camber which might be contributing.

I've tried running on grass and find it just so much more difficult.

I'll increase my cool downs too. Currently down with a cold (read: man-flu) so taking a little break / rest but will be back on it in a few days :)


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