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OUCH!!! Hip pain :( Help please - despairing and miserable

I came back from a great run, did my cool-down walk, got into the car to drive home - and could hardly get out of the car at the other end. My right hip was agony. The pain is on the very outside of my hip, just where my wrist joint falls if I stand up straight with my arms down by my sides.

A bit of information about the run itself. I covered about 4.5 miles, but I didn't run all of it - probably only around 2.5 or 3 miles was running, with the rest walking or stopping to take photos :) It's more or less flat, with good trail underfoot. I have good trainers for my over-pronation, I was well rested, well-hydrated etc etc etc. I didn't notice any problems during the run/walk itself, and I didn't slip or trip that I noticed.

I was almost immobile the rest of that day, comfortable when lying down but hobbling again the next day. Three days later and I can still feel it twingeing.

My friends are coming up next week and we plan to run together - we all started c25k back in April and we all graduated in August/September. We have run together throughout the programme, one in Cormwall, one in Cambridgeshire and me in Derbyshire, and now we can all run together in person. I desperately need this hip pain to go away! Any ideas out there, please?

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Oh dear, you've obviously done something and it must be a bit scary for you that you don't know what set pain like this off...

I can only suggest you go and see a sports physio, maybe you just need a slightly different stretch routine or something.

Hugs and good luck


I would go and see a sports physio - should cost about £30 for a half hour session but it will be worth it for good constructive advice. Ask at your local running shop or club for recommendations. It's best to deal with it asap and you should also get advice on how to avoid the injury in future. Take your running shoes with you to show the physio.

If it is IT band, foam roller exercises are supposed to be very good but I wouldn't try it until you have taken professional advice.

Good luck, I hope it gets better quickly.


I did go and see a sports physio, thank you - see reply to Mitts!

Isn't it odd how easy it is to damage yourself, without even realising it. Thanks for the advice :)


Thanks, Mitts - I'm slightly less despairing today, because I did go and see a sports physio who was very helpful. She diagnosed a problem with the ITB and gave me some exercises, one of which involves pressing the most painful bit against a tennis ball until it is less painful! She also said that although I thought it came on really suddenly, she thinks it will have been building for a while. Thanks for the hugs and encouragement :)


That's good news - at least you know what you're dealing with and how to deal with it. Best wishes for an speedy recovery :-)


Ooh, have a look at this


That's it exactly, Deryn! **** painful as well! however, I now have some (painful) exercises and at least I know what's wrong. Thanks :)


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