So WHY is week 6 run 1 so hard?

So following the epic week 5 run 3 success I geared up ready for w6r1 after having read it has a reputation for being hard. On paper, it looked so easy: I've run for 5 minutes, I've run for 8 minutes so why did it feel like pushing an avalanche uphill!? I was just getting my stride in the 5 minute run then Laura told me to stop and walk so don't know whether it was the intervals that threw me.Anyone got any idea (scientific or not) as to why this particular run is a bit of a stinger?


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  • I didn't have specifically endurance related problems with this run when I did it. My phone went off at the end of the five minute run, so I had to start all over again, and then I think a hill bit me quite hard somewhere along the way (which I would blame on that hill and not the return to intervals). In the end I did two five minute first runs instead of one. So there is a possibility that people are starting to expect the run to be hard, and then finding it's a self-fulfilling prophesy? The only other thing I can think of is that it's tempting to think you can go much faster than is sustainable after the 20 minute run.

  • Yes I think the fact that I expected it to be hard didn't help. I started back to work today after a six week break so I think I was feeling tired and cross which didn't help either!

  • Oh well, now you might as well expect the rest of the week to be not so bad (which also seems to be a regular occurence) :-) . But just to be on the safe side, take it nice and slow. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get more out of your approaching 25 minute run.

  • I quite enjoyed run 1, but run 2 felt torturous due to the walking section in the middle; it just made my knee hurt. Despite managing run 3 okay I ended week 6 feeling deflated. I'm still not sure why, but I start week 7 today and hope I will feel better!

  • Sorry to hear week 6 gave you that deflated feeling.lets hope things get better from now on 😊

  • I suspect itmay be largely psychological. You are so geared up for W5R3 and so elated by conquering it, anything is going to be an anticlimax thereafter. Also perhaps it is like that for a reason, to bring you back down to Earth a bit. The fact that no-one ever seeme to have any issue with W6R2 would support this.

  • Yes I certainly came back down to earth but will look forward to balancing things hopefully with the next run.

  • I found week 6 tough as well but it will all click soon and you will reap the rewards, so keep with the programme!

    Good luck.

  • Thank you , it's good to know that eventually the tougher runs will pay off 😊

  • I don't know why but I certainly do know what you mean just did W6 R1 on Sunday and going tomorrow evening for the 2nd run of week 6.

    Best wishes


  • Hope the second run goes better. My legs felt like lead tonight and I was all cross in my head too. Even the music on the podcast was annoying me tonight! Grrr! 😁

  • This was by far the toughest run of the C25K for me! The only time I gave up and had to repeat a run. I know others have had problems with W6R1 aswell. I think it's because there is such a build up to W5R3 and it's such an achievement that we possible underestimate the difficulty of this run.

    But the most important part - you've done it! Well done! We all have the odd bad run, but it's better than no run. Put it behind you and move on, you're so close now - you can do it! Good luck :)

  • Thank you, it is good to hear I am not alone on this. I felt like giving up more than ever tonight but I kept going although I almost felt like I was running backwards. I will keep going though, I promise! πŸ˜‰

  • I found w6 r1 hard as well. I agree with what you say. You're just getting into the run when it's time to walk. Keep going, loads of people here seem to find it hard :-)

  • Thank you. I found today the walking bit kind of interrupted my flow rather than it being a welcome relief. I will keep going though,I've come this far so I won't give up.

  • I agree with you I found R1 of W6 hard as well, my legs just didn't want to move. R2 tomorrow so hoping that is better, this is the last interval run all the other weeks are solid runs. Let us know how you get on!

  • All my runs are hard going, I must love the pain now. Keep going as you have done the hard work to get to week 6.

  • Yes I know what you mean about all runs being hard work. I will look forward to when running becomes a little bit more effortless but I guess I will have to be fitter and lighter to do that! πŸ˜‰

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