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Week 6 run 1 was hard work!

I just completed week 6 run 1 and found it tougher going than running the 20 minutes straight on the last run! Why is that?! I must say my legs were still aching from the 20 minutes and felt tired. But my breathing was not so great either. Saying that I did have my 6 year old daughter on her bike with me so was trying to keep an eye on her as well as trying to keep my mind on the running!

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Did w5r3 yesterday (Wednesday), it's Thursday afternoon and my legs still hurt, planning to ro w6r1 tomorrow, very envious of you - congratulations.


I found week 6 run 1 one of the hardest ones and I have no idea why!! Just keep at it, week 6 run 2 was not as bad for me and I have just finished week 7.

The program makes sense, I just don't always get it at the time.

Good Luck


Yes I was surpised to go back to 5 minutes running then walking again etc. I will keep going. I have lost 6lb now so far, but my main aim to to become fit! I never imagined I would achieve such fitness levels already.


Week 6 run 1 was a challenge as you have to get started each time after walking, and does feel like a step back after the achievement of running continuously at the end of week 5.

Keep going though - from the end of week 6 onwards there are no more stop - starts and for me at least, things have been easier running without the breaks.

Good luck.


I think you after right about the stopping and starting. Once you stop you feel the aches and tiredness so starting again is a challenge.


Alot of us questioned the reasoning behind week 6. After the elation of week 5 run 3 it seemed a step back. Until you have to do it ,that is.

I think it's all part of the stamina building. I do know many of us found it a hard week, so you're not alone.

Keep going - and enjoy :-)


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