Week 6 Run 1

It's interesting looking at the most popular tags. Obviously Week 1 is the most popular, since I suppose a lot of people start and don't finish. Popularity drops off until excitement of graduation pushes weeks back up. The 20 minute run puts Week 5 pretty high for instance, and obviously Week 9 as the end point.

Week 6 is nearly at the end of the list, and I'm understanding why. You go back to intervals, so it seems like you're achieving less, yet for some reason it's still hard? Probably I found 5-8-5 as hard as 20 minutes straight because I was jogging faster, and I was jogging faster because finishing the 20 minuter, for the most part barely above a walk, boosted my confidence. But still, I'm looking forward to the 22 minuter so I that I feel like I'm going forwards again.


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10 Replies

  • What 22 minuter?

  • coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_...

    "Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 2-1/4 miles (or 22 minutes) with no walking."

    Is the NHS version different to this :o

  • Ha ha, aye. The 2nd run in Week 6 is 10 minutes, then 3 minutes walking before another 10 minutes to end. Run 3 is a straight 25 minutes.

  • Thinking about it, maybe the 25 is a mistake, Fingalo!! (Not that lovely Laura makes many mistakes.) Seeing that it is the same as the whole of week 7...

    Still, we did it, didn't we! But maybe 22 would have been more sensible?

  • Sorry, mdec, meant to say congratulations to you too - loads of people's comments about week 6 day1 seem to be that it is harder than wk5 day3.

  • I'm delighted it is 25, to be honest.

    You know from what I said about Week 6 that I don't think she gets it all right but I like it that I get four goes at 25 before moving up. That said, I expect to be hitting at least 28 on one of them, maybe 30.

  • I'm starting week 7 today and considering only going for it twice before moving up to week 8. I think 3 x 25 minute runs (including W6R3) should be okay, assuming that they all go to plan of course!

  • I'll do the 25's but I can't see me stopping at 25 minutes for all of them, I'd say go with what you feel.

  • I think at this stage you are right. I ran 30 mins on week 8. Partly because I accidentally played a wk7 podcast and decided to run the warm down walk, and partly to see if I could. So yes, go with what you feel.

  • Agreed! It was the first run where I didn't get home and feel like I'd pushed myself but, on the other hand, these two runs are the last of this type, from run 3 of week 6 it's big runs all the way....eek! Good luck

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