Glow in the Park

Nope, not a typo - I literally glowed in the park. I am at Centre Parcs on holi this week and, this really beggars belief - I'm not sure I believe it myself, I still did my week 5 runs.

This evening I made run 3 and ran for 20 minutes......non-stop!

The after glow you get post completion is not supposed to be quite so literal. Several cyclists came to a halt believing I was a traffic light on red.

At least two of NASA's satellites picked up the infra-red signals and came out of orbit.

The 20 minute run this week is quite step change. In fact the whole week is a bit odd, having gone from the same podcast repeated 3 times each week to 3 slightly different sessions.

Run 2, which I did on Monday was especially odd as I had the pleasure of my daughter cycling my route with me as I plodded round. 'This'll be nice', I thought as we started out. Now, I'm slow, I know I'm slow but there is nothing like having your daughter sail past you and announcing at the top of her voice for all and sundry to hear "come on Dad, you are so slow!"


Never mind, move on, you can do it.

Comes coasting past again, "I'm not even pedalling and I'm going faster than you, Dad."

Cue smirk and snigger from passing chap. Hmmm, I've seen your villa number mate - I'm coming back later!

Fortunately she gave up on the second time round the route and left me to complete it in relative obscurity. 8 minute runs sorted.

How it works, going from 8 minute runs to running for 20 minutes without an interval in the space of one week, is a mystery. But it does. Trust the program, go slowly and you will get there.

On a non-running point (heresy, burn the witch) I have found that these weekly achievements have had quite a profound effect. Small, daft things. My long suffering spouse booked us for roller skating yesterday. I have not roller skated since my teens, where I spent more time on my butt than my feet. Suffice it to say I was not looking forward to doing this. I HATED the idea. But I went along quietly as everyone else was looking forward to it and I honestly thought to myself, give it a go, you have managed other things you thought you couldn't.

I did it. I didn't zip round in slaloms and going backwards but I stayed on my feet. I managed quite few circuits without holding on - even managing a wobbly, shuffling gait towards the end.

This running business has impact ripples that extend out into other areas of your life.

Those who are just starting on this journey, keep going. You will surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Week 1 seems such a short time ago, back when I was looking forward at week 5 being so far away and unlikely to be reached. Here I am. Proof that a total couch potato can do it. Over halfway, bring on week 6.


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  • Ha ha ! Brilliant post ! Ta for making me laugh, loved it !

    Well done ! That is a major milestone you have overcome , you should be really proud of yourself !

    Onwards, always ! :-) xxx

  • Well done good collection of tags to go with your post too .. Not often a running blog has ' cycling, roller skating, burn and orbit in them ' the tags are brilliantly random.. Well done again 20 mins a big step. Take care with week 6 too. Often catches people out after wk5 r3

    But know you can do it too..

    Strange isn't it as a 'non runner' taking your running gear on holiday ? But imagine center parks brilliant for it....

  • Wow! That's amazing. Thank you for the inspiration! Great sense of humor (regarding the spelling: yes, I'm from the USA). Made me laugh and have hope for my own progress.

  • Brilliant!! Loved W5R3.....I remember feeling like Rocky, punching the air!! It's the run that made me believe I could graduate. Don't stop. Sounds like you've got the bug now anyway! Congrats :)

  • W5r3- the best run in the whole programme. Completing it is the most amazing feeling. Congratulations :)

    At the risk of putting a downer on your mood, please be wary of w6, it's much tougher than you think. It's the transition week and is designed to build strength and stamina. After the high of 20minutes no stop running, the return to intervals can be quite tough psychologically. Watch out for those gremlins and pace yourself. Good luck :)

  • What a wonderful optimistic post, love it! And congrats with the 20 min run, it's really a great feeling once it's in the bag, isn't it. Thank you so much for sharing you joy.

  • Really enjoyed reading this post :-)

  • Yay for Center Parcs! I'm going there in September (hopefully after I've graduated) - not sure what my running plan will be but I might try and get out there! I'll also be doing roller skating I hope, although likely to be awful.

    Doing Week 5 there is quite an achievement! Really, well done! 20 mins feels great, I did it a week ago today :)

  • great post! well done on doing all that on your hols......... and rollerskating too! excellent stuff :)

  • Brilliant post there. I totally get the glow bit, if it rains while I'm running you literally hear the sizzle as the drops hit my puce shaded features!

    Great job with w5r3 & not to mention the roller skating! โ˜บ

  • I love reading your posts because they make me laugh and cry in equal measures! Well done - and here's to many more happy runs!

  • Never posted here before but this made me laugh over my breakfast and I love CP. Which one were you at? Our nearest is Longleat and that place is hilly too!

    Well done on W5. I'll be retrying C25K in a week or so. Got to W5 last time but life got in the way.

  • We tried Longleat years ago, I think the kids were still very little - it was awfully hilly. I remember one hill was so steep you had to zigzag up the side to get up it!

    We are at Elveden. Surprisingly they let us back even though we burnt it down a few years ago.

  • Just re-read your post, good luck with starting again. Do post again, it is great motivation. The people on here are great. They can offer really useful advice and support.

    Don't expect too much, just do one run at a time. As I have been oft told, it is not a race. There is no competition or medal. It is purely for you.

    Go out, do a slow run and see how it goes. Post it here and tell everyone. Remember, however far you do or don't go, however fast or slow, you are still doing it which is a million times better than the person who isn't. It's just a bit of fun and some health benefit thrown in. Good luck.

  • Children ! Tsk ! No stamina ! So after that criticism she couldn't stick with you to the end...Well done on completing THAT RUN, 30 mins doesn't seem so far away now does it ?

  • Yayyyyy, well done Idolitorus!! Fantastic....

    I'm off on hols to Cornwall tomorrow and have the rest of wk7 to complete ( run 1 yesterday was beyond slow, but I finished) so I have to find somewhere flattish, as hills floor me completely at the moment....

    I'm thinking the back road by the beach, but we will'll be interesting to be running/plodding somewhere beautiful and coastal anyway...

    Well done again, week 6 now - onwards and upwards!


  • Well done -first of the big runs under your belt! You should be feeling very proud - and daughters past the age of about 5 are notoriously difficult to impress!

  • Congratulations, Fantastic feeling isn't it? It's great that it's also having a positive impact on other areas of your life. Your daughter sounds great encouraging you on like she did :)

  • Congratulations! This run is a big milestone in the program. Quite unbelievable, really, isn't it? I remember feelin euphoric afterwards (and completely shattered!). Bet it took a while for the smile to wear off! Heed what others have said about week 6...

    As for the self belief and life affirming part if the program - I'm not sure if the program devisers realise just how powerful this can be. It was life changing for me, I've never looked back. Hope you get the same buzz. Well done, too, on being such a great example to your daughter. She may be mocking you now, but this will stick with her and she will be more likely to stay fit herself as a result. Success all round. Keep it up! :)

  • Thank you. My daughter is dyspraxic and has hyper mobility (her joints flex slightly further than normal) and has always struggled with any form of exercise, she tired easily. She has just turned 14 and we only got her to ride a bike a couple of years ago. Her sense of balance is completely off, almost like a very mild vertigo all of the time. A special gliding bike with removal pedals so you can start 'paddling' before re-attaching them back for a 'proper' bike was key. Anyway, digress. Not only has she competently cycled all round CP with us imagine our surprise when she ASKED to do the climbing wall activities! This is a girl who holds the rail going downstairs, every time. Then imagine our open mouthed gapes as she not only volunteered to be the first one up the wall but then attempted one of the climbing activities which consisted of 12" diameter posts, each one progressively 50cms higher than the last, to the last post which is *gulp* 5m tall. After two attempts, she stepped up each one to 3.5 metres.

    The school she attends is fantastic and her self confidence has really grown but I honestly believe that accomplishments we all make, make each other braver. I was able to get her to do the last one which she really wavered on by saying 'you know how you are going to feel for the rest of the day if you make it.'

    And I know, 'cause it is true. Each win, however small in the grand scheme of things is a great feeling.

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely post made me giggle :-)

  • Thanks for the entertaining post. Sounds like you've fully discovered "the secret of the joy". Makes me remember my own Week 5 Run 3. I was so unconfident that I set things up so I could run it almost entirely downhill, but it still felt wonderful completing it.

    It's the moment where you realise in your own flesh, "This is actually Possible". There aren't many moments like that in life. Glad you made the most of yours.

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