Week 6 Run 3 done....

Week 6 Run 3 done....

OMG.... I can't believe I just ran for the full 25 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, the 1st 20 minutes was hard. All sorts was running through my head as to why I should stop.... (Your head hurts, your nose is running, this is hard, you can try next time, but you're only going slow, your belly is hungry, right lower is feeling tight and the list goes on.

But with every minute that passed, I said to myself, to hell if you think I'm running these minutes for no reason at all to have to redo this run again. So I kept going and once I reached the 20 minute mark, it seemed alittle easier. I was even able to speed up for the last 90 seconds and actually looked like a runner then with my legs actually covering some ground.

So that's my 1st 25 minute run done and dusted and even though it's cold today, it's a beautiful bright blue skied day and the sun is shining brightly.

Looking forward to week 7 now. Bring it on.

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  • Good Job!! Week 7 is just 3 more of those 25 minute runs!! You can do it!! :) Last "leg" of the race now!!!

  • Thank you. Yep last lap now. Going to enjoy this while it lasts.

  • Cracking stuff, blooming well done you....

  • Yeah! You did it Donna😊You are officially a proper runner now..

    You are doing brilliantly...Well done😊x

  • Thank you. Yep Mr Johnson called me a runner today. Felt brilliant hearing that. πŸ‘

  • Well done you. It gives you a real buzz doesnt it. Im only on week 5 and feel reluctant to go faster as i might not make it to the end if i increase my pace. Like you i gun it a bit the last couple of minutes!!

  • Thank you. And you're right to not go faster. Slow and steady. I've only actually increased my pace for the last minute or so on my last 2 runs. Even if I wanted to go faster before, I refrained from doing so in case I burned myself out and couldn't finish the run.

  • WOW! so proud of you. Obviously I know you can do it, but these long runs are really a wonderful thing.

    Now the game gets WAY more mental. I recommend that you prep for week 7 by choosing a new playlist, new route, new app (zombies?) or something -- you see from now on the challenge is not so much physical in that you are pretty sure you can do it, but mental in terms of getting out the door every time, and going to the end.

    We'll be waiting for you at the finish line!!!

  • Thank you. You're right, it's definitely a mental thing now. Staying positive and not giving up isn't easy but the feeling at the end is wonderful. From day 1 I've run around my local playing field. Haven't ventured anywhere else but there are a cluster of fields and ponds nearby and so I may just venture away from comfort during my future runs. Maybe the runs will seem to go by quicker if I do because I'm a expert now on every dip, incline, hole, soft spot and best section to run on when it comes to my usual spot where I run, so I guess it does get alittle boring.

  • Brilliant work! You got through the pesky checklist of give up points comfortably too! As the app says 'In the bag' ;0)

  • Thank you.

  • Very, very well done you! The lovely relaxed longer runs are yours to enjoy now:)

  • Thank you Oldfloss.

  • Well done you πŸ˜€πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ. You runner you!! I am just one run ahead and felt the same. You put it so well. Nearly there now πŸ‘

  • Thank you. We can do this. The end is almost in sight now.

  • PS

    Did you sort a jacket out too Donna? I hope you were warm! x

  • It's definitely on my shopping list the next time I go shopping. Seen some I like online but because I have long arms, I prefer to go to the shop and try on. That why I will get an idea of what works for me or not for the future.

  • Go you... I worried that you might have been chilly!

  • Well I took another jacket with me today but thankfully there was only the usuals over r the field so I felt more comfortable putting my jacket down and it was there upon my return. I must've timed my run right though because the sun was shining beautifully during my run so didn't feel too bad at all.

  • Hooray! Well done speedy runner!

  • Thank you.

  • Good job Donna πŸ‘πŸΌ I really enjoyed my Week 6 runs. Onwards and upwards to Week 7!!

  • Thank you.

  • Very very well done, I have that run tomorrow, hope I can do as well as you.

  • Thank you and you will do it. We didn't get this far to give up now. Wishing you luck for tomorrow.

  • I believe I can do it, I believe I can do it ......

  • Well done! And good job on the gremlin busting too :)

  • Fantastic! You knocked those grizzly gremlins flat!! No stopping you now. πŸ˜„

  • Thank you.

  • Well done great job πŸ‘πŸ˜€

  • Thank you.

  • That's awesome well done. Week 7 here you come πŸ‘

  • Well done !! I got up to 30 minutes but have been ill so I hadn’t run for 5 weeks, I can’t wait to get back to where you are now!! Brilliant work !

  • Thank you and I can just imagine how you feel. I had a 9 day break and it was mental torture not being able to get out there. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you'll be running again soon.

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