Week 7 in the bag!

Week 7 completed. 3 non stop 25 minute runs. Who'd have thunk it.!!

It's still very much hard work. Trying not to watch the clock. Finally I looked and had 5 minutes to go. Cranked up the volume on my I pod and kept telling myself slow and steady. With screaming calves I finally completed week 7. Not looking forward to another 3 minutes!!

Question: I have suddenly started getting numb toes near the end of the run. Like pins and needles?? Anyone experience similar or have suggestions. This was my second run in my new running shoes. Could this be it??


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12 Replies

  • Well done on completing w7. I'm sure you'll be fine with those extra minutes. As for your pins and needles, maybe check your laces are not too tight. See if that helps.

  • Cheers paul2014. Just been you tubing alternative lacing. Who'd have thought there was that many ways to lace a pair of trainers!!

  • Congratulations mancbird!!! Oh you have this in the bag! Keep it nice and steady and if your legs are screaming, maybe slow down a bit more. It sounds like your laces are too tight, this happened to me a few weeks ago and I had terrible pins and needles and tingling in my feet.

    The clock watching WILL slowly get better, promise x

  • Hoping so tea breaks! I will replace the laces in the new shoes before next run. Still can't believe I am running for 25 minutes. Gonna wake up soon and it'll be a dream lol x

  • Woo Hoo! Well done you! Hope you get the trainers sorted and best of luck going forward! x

  • Yeah that's what I mean .....re lace the running shoes differently. Seen alternative ways on you tube!!

  • Well done! :-D I completed week 7 today too. Struggled with run 2 but after some great advice on here I managed today much better.

    Roll on week 8....good luck! (Even though you don't need it).

  • Brilliant! Not long now...

  • Whoooo! Well done!! Not long to go now! Xx

  • I've been having terrible problems with pins and needles too - my laces couldn't be any looser! I've changed to looser socks too - still happens. I'm now working on the theory that it might be a hydration problem. I don't drink while I'm running, and I have minimal liquid before I go out. Always seems to kick in around 26 minutes. Going to try drinking more and staying a bit closer to home (just in case ;-) ) and see if that helps.

  • Well done :) 2 weeks to go.I start WK 7 today and am still aching from last wk6 run so it isn't something I am looking forward to :(

  • Maybe take a day extra of rest if you ache badly. I took a two day rest after a particularly tiring run. You will still finish the programme. It doesn't really matter if it takes a few extra days does it? X

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