Get the Glow!

Get the Glow!

W6R2...third time lucky! πŸ˜„

When I woke up this morning I was already mentally preparing my post along the lines of "why is this one eluding me...what am I doing wrong...maybe I'm not meant to be a runner, after all?" . But then "Get a grip, girl. Banish the negativity and let's go get this!"

Slightly delayed start, due to a "mum-I've-missed-the-train-please-take-me-to-college-so-I'm-not-late-on-my-first-day" phone call, but an hour later and I'm back on track!

It wasn't easy, and hurt in a heart-thumping, lung-busting, leg-aching (but thankfully not injury) kind of way. But I kept all of your wise words in my head ... Slow and steady ... kiss the ground ... head up, shoulders relaxed ...sustainable pace ...keep running, keep smiling. My sustainable pace seems to be Mrs Slow of Slowsville on Celebration of Slowness Day, but that'll do! I passed Laura's final 5 minute call, where I'd had to stop on my previous attempt and thought "I think I can do this...". When the final whistle blew, I broke into a huge grin, gave an audible "YES!" and even ran on for a few more paces, just to prove to myself that I had done it! I think my smile was wider today than after W5R3! Don't know why it worked today -maybe it was due to better hydration yesterday, maybe it was my protein smoothie before going out today, maybe it was sheer bloody-mindedness - probably a combination of all 3!

Celebrating now with a smoked salmon and poached egg on toast brunch (get me!) before getting back to normality!

Just a quick question. My calves always feel like bricks when I run. I do the dynamic warm up routine, the static cool down stretch and I walk on most rest days. I've also started following the S&F programme. Any other tips for my poor pins? Ta!

Cheers all, happy Thursday! πŸ˜„


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  • That is a fab glow.... and well done you for being gritty and getting it done. Love the posh brunch, very Notting Hill I must say....

  • Well done looking good from the run, keep going your doing great πŸ˜€

  • You are an inspiration! I have only just discovered this community and this if my first post but your story is so relatable (kids interrupting schedule, slowness, audible celebrations!). I had to leave a comment - so thank you and WELL DONE. I am stalling on Week 6 Day 3 so your account has given me a renewed attitude to get my finger out and get back out there.

  • Hooray, we can do this!!!

  • Get you... you did marvellously. I think the added ingredient of bloody mindedness may have helped you. But it doesn't matter what the reason... you did it. So rest up and recover ready to face W6R3 in a couple of days time. :-)

  • Fantastic...well done you.

    I started doing toe lifts and heel drops for my calves after my warm down walk and stretches.

    Stand on the bottom stair or a step. as if you were going up.Heels hanging over the edge. Lift up onto your toes and hold for a few secs,repeat a few times . Then drop you heels gently down a bit hold and repeat a few times. You can do this both feet together then one at a time (harder).

    Drink plenty of water on non-running days too.

    Good luck with W6 R3. Start nice and slow.😊

  • Great, I'll add that in to my post-run stretches. Thanks!

  • Great going. I like the slowsville talk. Was your egg slow cooked, saw a thing on the news that the perfect boiled egg should be cooked in a water bath at 67 degrees for 1 and a half hours. Now that's slow. My calves hurt all the time, lots of hot baths with Epsom salts and stretches until they feel normal hep me. Not long to go now, keep it up:)!!!

  • Yikes! I like my runs slow but my eggs fast! 🍳

    I've used up my Epsom salts, must buy some more...πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Think about all the possible influences on your run, including your attitude, and make mental notes. Without being obsessive, it can be very useful to understand what has a positive or negative effect and you can gently adjust your life to aid running pleasure and attempt to banish the bad run.

    For instance, if I have a sleepless night, I will shorten or postpone a long run. From experience I know it is unlikely to be pleasurable running more than 5k if I am sleep deprived.

    Well done on conquering the run. The positive attitude is 99% responsible.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Great pikkie and well done you!! On all levels:) Jan-now-runs has given you some great advice too... I had to do lots of heel raises after my calf tear!

    Take it slower.. try to land lightly, kissing the ground with your feet... lots of rolling to could help, getting those knots, knotted:)

  • By they way Indigogirl - a special thank you - I printed off selected highlights of your post (don't sue me!!!), highlighted them and had the scrumpled, sweaty bit of paper in my hand for the whole run yesterday (water bottle in the other!) - so thank you. Clearly did the trick!

    I may or may not have done a (small) fist pump when I finished.

  • Ahh bless you! Glad to have been with you on that run, but it was really nothing to do with was all down to your self-belief and determination (look how you've completed every run to the last second!). But what a fab forum this is, that we can all spur each other on 😁

    We're on the home straight now - yes, we may have to have a few training runs in there, but we're going to do this, and we're going to love being runners!!!

    Fist pumps definitely allowed!


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