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wk7: sick :(

So 7.5 weeks into c25k i get a cold bad enough that i'm back to Asthma Inhalers for breakfast and no more running this week. Gutted doesn't even cover it, in 7.5weeks I haven't missed a single night even when I've had a rough day at work or just being plain tired. However, the last 2 nights i've been asleep on the couch after dinner for HOURS, then slept all night, so there is clearly something going on that I shouldn't be running with.

It was just kicking off on my last run and it did definitley make things harder and i felt awful the day after, so probably wise to take a few days out and get well again.

I'm hopeful that I can just pick back up at wk7 r2, but i'll just need to wait and see, i really hope i don't lose momentum, it's just become routine to do my runs on certain nights.

*sigh* nearly made it too,this sucks!

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I think very few people have got through the 9 weeks of couch to 5k without some kind of setback. I remember getting a cold that made me lose a week around week 4, and being worried about losing my thread, stressing every day that I couldn't run. But I returned to it a week later and was surprised that I hadn't lost any fitness. Our bodies are more resilient than we give them credit for. So don't worry, it's frustrating but you'll still get there.

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Frustrating indeed! Hopefully it passes quickly :) *fingers crossed*


Try not to feel the pressure to rush back too quickly. By week 7 you'll have gained a lot of fitness, even a week or two off shouldn't affect your progress too badly.


Aw what a shame , don't worry too much , a week or so shouldn't affect your general fitness unduly.

I know you want to carry on , but sometimes you have just got to take a step back and make sure you are well enough and then you can pick it up again .

Hope you feel better soon xxx

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Thanks folks, i usually bounce back from a cold quite quickly, but definitley not going to go back too soon, could do more harm than good.


Aaaarrrgghh. I feel your pain.

A week or so on the couch shouldnt be too much of a problem. Dont rush back. You may do more harm than good.

Good luck


Feeling much better now although not back running just yet. Going on holiday next week so might try a run on the beach and test the lungs out. I've really missed my runs, it had become a habit which made it easier.


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