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Struggling with wk7


This is my first post here. As the title says, I feel like im really struggling with week 7. Just did day 2 today. Don't get me wrong I have completed the runs every time and each time have kept up the same speed but I'm suddenly finding it really hard work. From about 10 mins in I'm puffing and panting and I have to mentally force myself to continue to the end.

I've done the 25 min run 3 times now as day 3 of week 6 was the same run and I really expected it to feel a bit easier today.

Im running in a treadmill at only 6.3 kph so I'm already going quite slow. Im getting a bit disheartened though as I feel like it will never feel any easier and I've enjoyed it up to now.

I think my problem is that I need to lose 3 stones. Do you think running will feel easier as I lose the weight?

Thanks :)

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Ah don't lose faith you've come this far - and as I was on a treadmill today I can tell you that you're running faster than me at 6.3 , I was on 6 so it's ok to slow it down to something just a little more comfortable for a bit. Laura reminds us it's about running for the full time not about the speed.

Hope you get your mojo back soon (and I've lasted this long on this reply without mentioning that one of your post tags says 'the runs' - he he he)

Good luck :)


Two things: If you really feel you are struggling slowing down always helps. It doesn't matter what speed you go at as long as you run for the right amount of time. Losing weight is bound to make it easier: If you have really got 3 stone to lose you're an army cadet with a seriously loaded rucksack. If you can lose the weight, that's the rucksack ditched !! and the running is bound to be easier.


I've never run on a treadmill cept for a few minutes for gait analysis and that was only on 4

Maybe you're going too fast. Try slowing down and see how you feel then

Why not get out onto the road or trail? Time flies by and the run will be over before you know it

I think losing weight does help running. I have lost four stones and I feel much lighter on my feet now and so much more springy. Having said that I went on a 10 mile race recently and there were some very large folks running it and doing absolutely fine. I was pleasantly surprised


Yes, that is quite interesting - we often are led to think that fat does not equal runner but it is not true... : here's a great woman:


You have already made it to week 7, so what on earth do you have to feel down about?! You are virtually there and have done fantastically well!!

I agree with what others have already said, the 6.3k/hr pace is actually pretty good, besides it doesn't matter how slow or fast you go, just pick a pace that allows you to complete the duration. As your stamina and fitness builds, you can then improve your pace, but if you have 3st to loose, then that is unquestionably going to make it harder work for you on the longer runs.

Whatever you do, don't be down about it. You have done amazingly well so far and are making progress, however it may feel right now.

Keep your head up, and keep at it.


Agree with what has been said by everyone, I'll add there are some days that are just not easy... legs feel like lead, breathing is hard, but that can happen even after years of running!

I was 3 1/2 stone overweight when I started C25K - started losing a small bit after graduation, but it got easier anyway even before starting losing weight - still 3 st to go... (will give it 1 year, le slower you lose the less likely to put it back)


Thank you so much for all your replies!

I think my problem is that I've always run every time at the same speed and a little devil on my shoulder keeps telling me if I slow down now I'll be cheating. But I need to get over this because if it means the difference between completing a run and not I really do need to consider slowing down sometimes.

I like that actually......I'm an army cadet!!

I am trying to shift the weight but its great to see that others have done it and it is achievable.

I've just turned 40 and sometimes think "what are you doing?? Your too old to start this now and too heavy!" But I have happily proved this to be wrong and am really enjoying the running!

Thanks again x


I found week seven really tough but then week 8 run 1 was my best run ever! You never can tell when it's going to be hard and when it's going to be not so hard (it's never easy). The important thing is just to keep going.


Thanks saffi, thats good to know!


Hi. I know what you mean about the speed. I really struggled with my last run so tonight I really reduced the pace and wow. What a difference! It doesn't matter as long as you finish. There us plenty time to up the speed. Don't give up. Keep going. You're almost there!!! Xx ps I'm 41 and need to shift about 3 too!!! It will get easier. We will get slimmer and fitter!!!


Hi. I know what you mean about the speed. I really struggled with my last run so tonight I really reduced the pace and wow. What a difference! It doesn't matter as long as you finish. There us plenty time to up the speed. Don't give up. Keep going. You're almost there!!! Xx ps I'm 41 and need to shift about 3 too!!! It will get easier. We will get slimmer and fitter!!!


Aargh typed a lot and then lost it all!

You are doing great! I am 50 (so you are def not too old!) overweight and run outdoors, but have certainly, never, ever, run anywhere near as fast as you! Perhaps slow down for a bit and gradually increase the speed later once you have got the stamina bit nailed...?

Of course overweight people can and definitely do run, so I think that the running should get easier the fitter you get, whatever yr weight, though losing some weight must help as you are shifting less with each step. I started losing weight before starting the programme, (only on C25K week 6) and am still overweight, but am really pleased at how adding the C25K to my healthy living plan has helped me maintain the rate of weight loss even a few months in, when the rate of loss generally tends to slow after you have been dieting for a while. In April I weighed 14st 2 and am now 12st 3, with a target of the very upper limit of 'normal' BMI which for me is 11st 2.

Keep up the good work! I dream of being able to run 25 mins one day.... :-)


I am almost 42 and started c25k 7 weeks ago. Did run 2 of week 7 today. My main reasons for starting this are to lose weight (don't all women), get fitter, feel more confident, look better in clothes and also to be a yummy mummy for my 4 year old little girl. I think of her when I run. I want to be here for her for a long time. I find every run hard work, but as they say anything worthwhile takes effort and I've never been a quitter!!!

I believe that the Point of the programme is to be tough. To push you into taking that next step (or the next 500 of them!)

I have a few stones to lose but I refuse to scale watch. If I eat healthy and exercise my weight should decrease. Basic physics really.

I am buggered after every run but I still keep on getting out there. Hope you do too!!!


I got her kindle book Pigivi! I downloaded her exercise plan for 10 k. It's good! Tough but good!


Thanks Everyone. Its funny I first considered c25k as a way to help me lose weight but as the weeks have gone on I have been surprised at how I'm actually enjoying running. I think its because I never considered I could ever be a runner and I have even surprised myself that I have stuck with it. I think its the sense of achievement you get afterwards too.

I have struggled to lose weight for a while now and now I am feeling like by losing weight it will help my running its like I now have a new incentive to lose weight.

Thanks to all of you for the help and encouragement :-)


I found every week of the program tough, but always seemed to be able to move on to the next week, repeating a few runs I did not complete. In my case I think some of the difficulty is mental, because if I spend a minute assessing whether I'm actually out of breath I find quite often I'm not. Just something I psych myself into every time I run. Objectively I know it's getting easier. Doesn't feel that way all the time though.


Congratulations on getting through the dreaded week 6! You're doing ok if you managed that! Now, your age is no excuse, there are many on here much older that you, and carrying more weight too. AS everyone here says, slow down if you need to, I think that's the problem with treadmills, you can see what pace you're doing - if you were outside you would take the pace your body tells you too. Keep at it, you'll get there.


Well done on sticking with it!!!

I have just done my third run of week 7 and I am so glad its done - not my favourite by a long way. I had started doing the "only 2 runs to go", "only 1 run to go" mantras in my head for this week. I think for me the problem is the repetition has started... I don't feel the progress I felt in the early weeks and 25 mins is a long time in my easily distracted head as well. Coming on here and seeing other peoples experiences is key to me sticking with the program as well but mainly I am saying to myself "Get up and do it next time and it will be different" - well I am hoping. Don't give up! I too am on the other side of 40 and could do with login a good few pounds (oddly I have not lost a pound in the 8 weeks its taken to get to W7R3 but that is not my reason for doing the program. I want to say I can "go for a run" and mean it :) Roll on week 8 I say!


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