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So this is my first post! I've been watching, reading and learning since week 1! I'd like some advice please! I've been running every other day and today I completed my first run in week 7. It didn't feel good ☹️ I just felt very slow and that my legs weren't taking me anywhere! I didn't get quite as far as my week 6 run 3 either! Should I be doing exercise to loosen my hamstrings as well? I really want to enjoy running but at the moment this feels like a slog!


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  • I'm new to this running bug (and on the IC atm) but I do try and stretch after a run. There's also an NHS podcast of stretches that you could try. I also know that some runs are better than others - some for a good reason, others not! Good luck!

  • Thanks Spongecake7 ill have a look for the podcasts! I really like the C25k podcasts so I hopefully those will help! Hope you recover soon!

  • Each week during C25k you are pushing yourself further and upping the ante. This means that it can feel like a slog. I remember that part of the programme as being very hard work, but l was consciously pushing myself at the fastest pace that l could sustain. There is no need to do this. You can ease back your pace and yes it may feel slower again, but it will not be such hard work.

    Once graduated you can arrange your running to suit yourself. My favourite runs are longer runs taken at a lower pace than most of my 5k runs.

    As for stretching, l recommend the stretches here nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

  • Thanks IannodaTruffe i will definitely try this! I didnt think I could run any slower but I probably am pushing myself a bit! I really struggled with Wk1 so it's amazing to think how far I've come since then!

  • If you need a reminder go back and run a session of the earlier weeks. It's night and day difference.

  • Hi hl_baker - I had the same problem when I was doing C25K. My leg muscles were getting tighter and tighter.

    I found some help with chi running (http://www.chirunning.com), but there are many sources of information on running technique (here's another one: greatist.com/move/proper-ru...). All of them seem to say the same things:

    - keep your head up, looking about 20 paces in front of you;

    - keep your back straight;

    - let your arms swing back and forth (not across your body);

    - let your feet hit the ground under your body, not in front of you; also, keep your leg muscles relaxed and let your feet swing up behind you to propel you along;

    - lean forward slightly from your ankles as you run, with your body in alignment.

    The C25K+ podcasts have tips like these. I am surprised that the original C25K doesn't - I think this information would be really helpful in W1 so we all start off on the right foot (so to speak).

  • Its not easy - it is an effort. Make sure you have a good stretching regime, take it nice and slow and take a couple of rest days between runs if you feel you need it. It's all about building stamina at this stage.

  • Add an extra rest day. With the longer runs, your body might need more recovery time.

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