wk7 r1-Nobody cares!!!!

Well guys , just completed my first run on week 7. (wey-hey).

I don't think I've ever been so chuffed with myself.

I started this program in January and when I saw what was expected by week 6 I was think this might be the time I jack it in.

Anyhow, I managed to run for nearly all of the last run of wk 6 but just had to stop at the end cos I was literally knackered.

This was a real bummer because on checking the app on my phone I only had 3 minutes left to run ( arhh nitemare).

Anyway I decided instead of repeating wk6 I'd try week 7 and chance my arm.

As it turns out that was the best decision that I've made since starting the program.

I actually did a little bit of a dash at the end when Laura said theres only 60 seconds left (god that felt good).

Anyhow the point to this post being that somebody said a while back that part of the running thing was mental and how you see things in your own head.

Well hears the funny thing.

I started this program in jan at 17.5 st and was running at 5.30pm in the evenings.

This was great because it was dark and theres no one about.

However I did realise that sooner or later on a 9 week plan I'm gonna start running in the light or start running later every week (hey summer times a coming).

And so it was that Saturday was my first run at 3.40pm. And to my amazement my local walk was ram packed with walkers and dogs and the like.

But best of all it was also packed with cyclists and other joggers who just nodded and waved as they went past.

But the actual point of this post is that of all the "normal people " going about their business nobody started to point at me or take the piss at fatty running past because to be honest most people are too ingrossed in their own shit to worry about what you do.


all the best to you.


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17 Replies

  • Well done for getting out there, as someone who has been heckled for being fat and running I say screw anyone that tries to demean my efforts, I've lost 1 stone 3 pounds since 7th January combining this amazing programme with weight watchers. To be honest I'm loving being out and the health benefits that it's bringing me, I'm proud of what I'm doing and achieving and you should be too. Keep it up.

  • Love your attitude kungfoo-panda. At least we're out there doing it and if anyone has a problem with that, then that's their issue and not ours. Good luck on finishing the program, with your positive outlook I'm sure you'll have no problem!

  • Well done and well said , quite a few have said that they don't want to be seen in public whilst doing c25k .

    We seem to shy away from the lime light when really we should be standing at the front saying hey look at me I am doing something positive and changing my life for the better :)

    Keep going you really are doing great :)

  • First up - I LOVE your name Kungfoo Panda! Well done you! I've just finished week 1 but I'm not brave enough for running in the light! I hope I get your sass somewhere along the journey, or I'll be out at midnight :)

  • That's the way! Well done! People don't really give a stuff about how you look, you may just get the odd arse who gives you a funny look, but you only notice that if you look at their face, so avoid doing so.😊

  • Go you... getting out there and doing it! :)

  • Well done! I found week 6 tough so ended up repeating it. I was going to repeat it again but accidentally started week 7 on my phone so just went with it too! I did w7d2 this evening - so similar to you.

    I also run in the dark ;)

  • Surprising isn't it? We get all worried that people will stop and stare and most of them don't even notice us. Those that do smile and even say hello. Well done for getting out and about, a role model to others, might even inspire someone else to get moving LOL

  • Great post KFP. Glad you're out running in the light where you belong.

  • Fantastic !

    Yeah ! Well done , that's the spirit ! This is YOUR journey , you're doing this for YOU ! :-)

    Good Luck for the rest of the programme . You're doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Great attitude, keep going!

  • So true! Well done on getting this far.

    I'm on week 6, this is my third attempt at c25k, I've lost weight so I think your confidence makes a difference too - to how you perceive things and how others may respond to you.

  • Great post! Well done to you and for everyone else who has posted about this. We're out there running, that's all that matters, getting fit, losing weight, de-stressing, or whatever the reason we run, but we're out there. For those currently running in the dark - and let's face many of us have no other choice at the moment - spring is coming, lighter nights, and I guarantee you that you'll be running in daylight in full view of the public before you know it, and not giving a stuff! C25k does that to you. You'll be amazed at yourself

    Just keep plugging away peeps, slow but sure, that's us!

  • I run around deserted country lanes for the same reason as you and am rarely seen by anyone. However last week I was visiting family and had to run a different route along a canal towpath. I was out on a particularly wet and blustery day and met a runner coming the other way who smiled and commented "We must be mad!" That "we" really hit home. I realised that no matter how ridiculous I think I look, he saw me as a runner. I managed an extra mile that day!

    Enjoy your Spring runs in the light.

  • Great post! Well done!

  • Great post, and so true. If you're body concious, there is a hurdle to overcome about running outside, but like you said, absolutely no one cares. It's just our own insecurities at work. After running outside for a year, and most of it in lycra, I've probably now run past most situations that would have really put me off. As in running past people, past groups of people, past young people, past a group of students, past builders, past people I know, past other runners who sprint past you. Nothing happened, well really what do we expect to happen ? I'm immune to it now, and just get on with it.

    Edit. Changed my words above, as it kinda looked like I was saying if you're overweight you should be body concious, which I certainly didn't mean. Now it just says body concious ! Apologies if I offended anyone.

  • You're not a fatty running. You're a jogger! We all have hump runs and I think I too struggled with W6R3. In 3 weeks you *will* have your 5k badge, will look at Bridge to 10k and think "Why the hell not!"

    Keep it up. The worst is behind you (W5R3!)

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