WK7 is complete ✅✅✅

WK7 is complete ✅✅✅

After completing WK7 this morning at 6:40am, I feel as though I have finally made it. I will, from now on, officially call myself a runner. Why? Let me tell you..

This morning, after some very heavy rain last night, I was greeted after my warm up walk by PUDDLES. Great big stonking puddles!! Across my running path. Side in to my running path. They were everywhere!!

I pondered as to whether I should run round or jump over these puddles but in the end, I thought "Oh, for the love of God woman, it's just a puddle so run THROUGH it"!! And through it I ran. Puddle after puddle after puddle. I began to count them as to pas the time but when I reached 34, I decided to stop counting and this got me thinking about my running journey this far.

At the beginning I wanted to run round the whole "Can I run?", "Do I want to run?", "Should I run?" and this is what the puddles this morning reminded me of.

Now all I want to do is run through the puddles and that tells me that I want to run straight and true and not be worried or bothered by the hurdles or obstacles that will undoubtedly be put in my path.

Running is joyful and brings me pleasure and happiness that I thought I would never get from doing something that required more energy than walking up the stairs.

Running has and will continue to be a journey of discovery for me and I will share all the ups and downs with you, hoping to give a little inspiration along the way to fellow runners.

Sending running love to all and let's keep running 🏃🏼🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼🏃🏻‍♀️


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38 Replies

  • Kim, your post, as usual is a great read, I'm glad you're powering through, 6 runs left now, not long, your next run is only 3 minutes more, you'll smash it.

  • Thank you Lee 😊

  • Well done, its such an encouragement to see your progress. You're doing great, nearly there! Enjoy it :-)

  • Nearly there....and glad my progress is encouraging others 😊

  • Kim your posts are great. U could write a book of your encounters while running.

  • Thanks. A running encounter book? Now there's a thought....

  • I am.. why don't you... I have every one of my runs since 2015.. logged and stored:) Makes great reading... for me , anyway :)

  • I love your posts Kim, they are so joyous and uplifting. Well done my dear running friend. XxX

  • Martin, thank you. I'm just glad that I can give something back as I've received lots of encouragement from this forum 😊

  • Nice post again Kimchoc...I love running through the puddles too, I used to dodge them but not anymore!!! 🏃🏼‍♀️

  • No more dodging those puddles. Straight through and onwards!!

  • 👍🏻🏃🏼‍♀️

  • Love it thanks for the inspiration

  • Glad I can inspire people!! 😊😊

  • Puddle running a sign of the bug having been well and truly caught.....

    The potholes are big here so I always fear a Vicar of Dibley moment. Well done you

  • Thank you and I know the exact Vicar of Dibley moment you referring to!! I'd like to say I'd wet my pants if that happened but they'd already be wet!! Thanks for laugh 😂😂

  • Wait till you hit the mud! It is a joy... I remember writing a long post about it when I started..Mud, Motive and Majesty! :) Such gloopy fun!

  • Running through the puddles - A thoroughly uplifting metaphor for life! Next time I splosh through a puddle in my path I'll have a little smile to myself!

    Great work again mam, nearly there.....;0)

  • Thanks 😊 😊 never had one of my phrases used as a life metaphor before!!

  • You are indeed a RUNNER.....puddle runner... dawn breaker....gremlin grinder:)

    What a great post.... :)

    Well done you...now move onto the next weeks and enjoy the longer runs... relax... breathe easy... and feel the newly-found running legs taking you onwards:)

  • Thanks Oldfloss I shall now call myself a puddle runner!! 😆

  • Yay doing great!! I take the puddles too!! It’s only a bit of muddy water, all comes off in the lovely post run shower!!! 🚿

  • Realised it takes less energy to run through them rather than to jump them!!

  • Wonderful, you are doing great!

  • Thank you 😊

  • You certainly inspire us, Kim, and I love the fact that nothing is getting in the way of your run 😊 Power on to Week 8!

  • Lovely post! Very inspiring... you are doing so well and loving it by the sounds of things. :) :) :)

  • Through not round remember and well done on another run.

  • Nice post - can almost imagine that "what the hell" moment when you decide to not bother about staying dry/keeping shoes clean/getting wet/muddy/dirty/cold and just go for it! Jumping in puddles is such a pure, childlike joy - I don't know why most adults give it up.

    Happy running!

  • I actually ran a little harder into the last few puddles and was instantly transported back to my childhood!! It's the little things that make us smile isn't it? 😊😊

  • Morning Kim, finally accepted you are a runner at last. I had to take an extra rest day due to a twinge but hoping to get out later and do mine. I hope the puddles are gone by then as I hate wet feet. Well done for overcoming and continuing your path x

  • Thank you 😊 and good luck for your run

  • I love this! I am about to do wk7 run3 and am so excited about hitting that milestone. Well done you!

  • Thanks and I know you'll smash this run!!

  • Awesome!! I love this post and look forward to running through puddles and actually enjoying it (remind me to don waterproof socks first!!) - right off to do my final run of Week 6... 25 minutes non-stop - ooo errr!

  • You have so got this run by the scruff of the neck. Let us know how you got on!

  • Well, I did it! I didn't die (though my heart felt like it might explode) and my legs are still attached... just!! First time running 25 minutes non-stop. Felt very, VERY hard, nearly gave up after 20 minutes. (Oh, and note to self to not make the walk down the hill to the park at school chucking out time... #embarrassedmuch) 7.5 minutes to walk down to the park from home, about 15 walking back up the (gentle) hill again, lol.

  • Well done. It sounds as though it was a little tough but you ran it!! Well done 👍🏼

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