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Wk7 stalled 😭

Half term hols this week so I'm off work and the added bonus of hubby still being home today meant I was looking forward to a morning run in the light! Just set off for my warm up walk and it's like an ice rink out there! I slipped a couple of times walking so it just wasn't worth the risk of running on it. Even if I stayed upright I'd be so tense I'd probably do myself an injury that way anyway.

So disappointing 😟

Hoping it thaws out a bit later and before hubby goes away for work. Think warm thoughts everybody!

If I don't get out today my next opportunity will be Wednesday when I visit my mum.

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Definitely not worth risking running on ice - it's sunny here so perhaps things will warm up a bit soon. Hope you get your run.

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yes it certainly is like an ice rink out there!!

take care



Safety comes 1st, wise decision .. , hopefully we'd will be much better


Am also starting wk 7 - but waiting till tomorrow. Better luck next time!


Half-term is great - we don't have to run according to a timetable!! :-D I'm sure you'll get your run soon :-)


Hi PumpKim, arghh, a stall is really annoying but you're smart, far better to hold off than risk an injury slipping on the ice. Good luck with your week 7, you'll do great, ready for it and bet you can smell graduation not far off now! Have a fun half term week :) x


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